Favorite "Twilight Inspired" Finds

How could I possibly resist posting about Twilight on this special day? You see for those of you have been dead or simply don't care, this is the day I get to go see Eclipse. It's the 3rd movie in the Twilight Saga. Of course having read the book all twice I already know what happens, but I have to say this is on of my favorite ones out of the entire series and I'm very thrilled for it. I was even more thrilled when I scored tickets for me, a friend, my daughter and her friend for a private premier showing at 6:00pm rather then having to go see it at midnight. Did you know here in Utah that we sell more tickets the first day/night then anywhere else?? Go figure?!!

Custom Twilight T-Shirts & More
I thought this was so clever. You can pick Jacob or Edward and then the CafePress site customizes your t-shirts, bags and etc with your NAME on them. Loved the idea, but didn't find it until just now...so I won't be showing up wearing my new Jacob...I mean Edward shirt (wink).

Edward Necklace by Margie
This beauty was created by my friend Margie Romney-Aslett and like all things Margie, this girl knows how to bling out a piece of jewelry. Regretfully I would have much preferred to take her class on this then buy a kit...and I found out about it too late. Wouldn't this have rocked to have for the movie premier.

Twilight on Etsy
I had no idea that there was so much Twilight inspired things on ETSY. Holy cow these women are either spending way too much time making things about the movies or actually making money off those women that are so obsessed they buy it. This particular shop made me laugh the most.

Twilight Inspired Cupcakes
A co-worker sent me a link to a local business called So Cupcake. He was telling me that his wife and some friends from the neighborhood are going to see the new Eclipse movie, but before they're stopping by So Cupcakes to try out one of their new cupcakes.Regretfully they didn't have pictures of their cupcakes on their website (sniffle), but the descriptions were so worth posting here (see below). You have to read through them and if you have a chance to stop by their shop, eat one for me!!

"BITE BACK cupcakes"Take advantage of this tasty opportunity to take a "bite" out of your favorite vampire or wolf. In cupcake form of course! These custom created cupcakes were inspried by these yummy characters in the Twilight saga. Who do you want to take a bite out of? No need to choose just one, these fantastic gourmet cupcakes come in six packs.

The Edward - Vanilla cupcake with white butter cream frosting and a shimmery sparkle on top. After all,"real cupcakes sparkle"!

The Bella - Red Velvet Cake with Butter Cream Frosting.. A mouth watering cupcake, just ask Edward.

The Alice - Vanilla Cake with Tiffany Blue Butter Cream Frosting Sprinkled with exquisite edible pearls. Only the best for Alice!

The Jasper - Will comfort and calm you as you sink your teeth in to this cozy Cinnamon & Sugar Cake with Warm Brown Cinnamon Butter Cream Frosting Sprinkled with Brown Sanding Sugar.

The Rosalie - She may be bitter but this luscious lemon cupcake is sweet! Lemon cake with Lemon Butter Cream Frosting Sprinkled with Yellow Sanding Sugar. A real blond bomb shell!

The Emmett - A real "stud muffin" has inspired a blueberry cake with Violet Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting "studded" with a fresh blueberry on top.

The Jacob - This delicious wolf is tempting in Brownie Cake with Milk Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting. Get a whole box of these so you can enjoy Jacob's "Six Pack"!

The Victoria - Try this Strawberry Cake with Fuchsia Strawberry Butter Cream Frosting Sprinkled with Hot Pink Sanding Sugar. Evil never tasted so good!

The Laurent - Dark Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting Sprinkled with Mini Chocolate Chips. A fantastic combo, vampires & chocolate!
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sarah said...

hehehehehe!!!! :) you are too cute with your lil love for twilight. :)


Keersten said...

Ha! I love those cupcakes! We may have to make a little trip over to So Cupcakes today. I could use a little twilight diversion!

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