Favorite Finds: Inspiration at the Park City Arts Festival 2010

The first Saturday in August every year I have enjoyed a long time running tradition with my mother. We head up to our beautiful mountains in Park City to enjoy the Park City Arts Festival 2010. This long time tradition of my mother's started when I was young and I cannot remember ever missing it. On occasion we've taken friends and family to enjoy in the experience, but very few ever return with us. Until this year! Both my kids have had the chance to attend with grandma and me (different years of course) and apparently they found something in the experience that made them want to come back. They both promised if they could go that they would 1) they couldn't complain when we stopped at EVERY jewelry booth (why grandma likes to go) 2) they could not fight and 3) they had to let me take pictures of them...smiling at the camera. So you all get to benefit from #3...because I've never taken pictures of us at the Arts Festival until now (scroll to the end of the post). 

So for my favorite finds post for this week I thought I'd share some of my favorite finds from the Park City Arts Festival: 

Let's start with a gal close to my home, Papers Edge. She lives in Kaysville and managed to be selected as an artist for the festival (which I understand is very hard). Her framed pieces caught my eye because they looked like very artsy PAPER-PIECINGS (obviously I'm working the wrong side of scrapbooking). Anyway, I couldn't believe that they were selling for over $300 too. Regretfully I asked her for a business card and all she could offer me was a little sticker that had her "etsy" shop address on it...which I of course lost. But I was able to track down her info, but most of her pieces from the festival don't show up in her etsy shop...she should work on that for sure!

Fred Conlon's Sugarpost designs is the reason that my son insisted on going with us this year. He said he'd been saving up his money to buy one of the metal art pieces created by Fred. I laughed that the one my son insisted on owning was the Gnome-be-Gone piece. Everything in his booth has such great humor to it and Fred is super nice. If you've been to the Arts Festival in the past ten years or so..he's always there!! But if you can't make it, he has a great website and sells online too! 

Jax Hatz from San Francisco was probably the booth I spent the MOST time in. Who doesn't love to try on fancy hats. My mother bought one of their opened top visor hats that stretch to fit and can be rolled up for travel. The prefect hat for her European travels next year. They also had some very stylish ribbed hats that Emma and I loved. I of course wanted the black & white one (see collage photo below...with ME wearing a hat), but Emma insisted we go with the all black hat. Honestly their website does not do these hats justice at all!! 

We were very excited to see that John Galbo returned to the festival. He takes the most amazing photos of Italy (among other places). My mom is planning her European trip in 2011 and was hoping to be inspired by his amazing photographs. Obviously they printed ton canvas and framed are so much more amazing then his online gallery but they're still unbelievable. My vote is Italy for sure!! 

And of course our trip to the Arts Festival wouldn't be complete without me showing off my favorite jewelry booth. The beautiful work of Molly Dingledine totally caught my eye near the end of our travels for the day. Everything she was featuring was amazing and totally my style (if only had more money)! Check out here amazing work on her beautiful website

Here's a quick collage of my first group of photos from the Park City Arts Festival. I figured it was easier to show them off in a collage. Aren't my kids so awesome and CUTE!!?? The of course inspire me every day. I loved how my son liked to talk to the artists to find out how they did their artwork. Both my kids are great artists and I'm glad they enjoy the Park City Arts Festival 2010. 

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Keersten said...

That looks like so much fun! I love the picture of your tired shoppers--perfect!

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