Reflections of a Mom's Travels

Although it's now been over a week since I returned from my travels last week I have been thinking a lot about my short trip away and how it has affect me and my family. I say mom's travels because as you know a mom away on business is so different then a dad and this is why? 

The day after I left for CHA-Chicago my daughter left for Girls Camp. I helped get her packed up all her supplies delivered to our camp director before I left. Her dad's only job was to make sure she was dropped off on time for the bus, which he managed just fine. Then two days into my trip I received a text message from my husband before my alarm was due to go off and it read: "Emma came home from camp in the middle of this night very sick. What do I do now? Who do I call?" I called to learn that she was brought home the first night of camp by two of her leaders with a fever and very, very sad that she had to leave camp. One of her AWESOME leaders figured she had strep and passed that information on when they deposited my daughter on our door step at 11:45pm that night. My sweet husband was so worried, not because my daughter was ill, but because she was so upset that she had to leave camp. I assured him that if it was Strep that it only required a shot in the hip and some rest and she should be able to return to camp. I quickly told him the number of our doctor to call and told him to keep me posted. 

I cried. 

I was sad that I was not there to give my daughter "mommy loves" and hug her. I cried because I knew how completely disappointed she was that she had to leave camp at all. I cried because there was nothing I could do from Chicago. 

I later learned that the doctor confirmed it was Strep, gave her a shot in the hip and she had rested most the afternoon. My sweet hubby ended up taking another day off work and stepped up his typical efforts to about 110% to be there to help my daughter. He said to me, "I gave her extra hugs because I knew that's what she'd want from you!" And he even made dinner. He then coordinated the plan for the following day to get her back up to camp, which would require him to get off work early...so all in all, he ended up missing about 2 1/2 days of work because I wasn't home. 

Funny thing, I use to be a traveling mom a lot more years ago and I left my much younger kids home with their dad. We had a lot of friends and family that helped us with the kids because they weren't old enough to be left alone, but never in all my past travels did my husband have to take off 2 1/2 days to cover for me. Go figure! 

So as you can see my sweet daughter was returned to her friends and amazing leaders at Girls Camp (Bottom left photo - she's the second from the left, redhead).
But the reason I tell you this, is there was a wonderful thing that came out of my mom travels. You see, although I was sad to hear repeated stories from neighbors and friends that witnessed my daughters emotional journey and my husband's efforts (which of course made me cry), my heart was very touched to see how my close my daughter her her dad had become. Personally I believe that she learned in the short 5 days I was traveling that her dad is there for her, cares for her and would do anything for her.

So it isn't all bad. And did I mention he "cooked" dinner for my kids. Still waiting to see this one happen since I've returned...I'm hopeful! 
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