My Recent Root Canal

Didn't mean to scare you...

I know this photo doesn't bring about happy memories for most of you. And no, I didn't take the photo (that would be weird). However, I did end up having a root canal last week and I had some thoughts come to mind while I quietly breathed in the nitrous-oxide gas (love that stuff).

Did you know they charge you extra to have gas while getting dental proceedures now? They tell you up front, "well if you want to get the gas you're going to have to pay an extra $35 for it." But hey, it's like getting legal drugs and in my mind that's much cheaper. I loved how I could crank up my iPod to the music I like....because you should hear the awful stuff the Endodontist had playing over the speakers. Then they began to put that awful stopper thing that thankfully holds your mouth open the entire 2 hours and stick some wrap thing around my tooth so that he can't drop tools or piece of my teeth down my throat.

But then the gas...it slowly started to relax me from my death grip on the chair, just in time for the guy (who by the way didn't look as old as the dr in my photos...he looked more like the 16 year old down the street)....anyway, just in time for him to stick the needle in my mouth and begin to numb my mouth. And I'm sorry,  no amount of gas or topical numbing stuff will make that a pleasant experience.

Back to the thoughts I had as I laid in the chair and underwent my (out-of-pocket) $235 root canal. Do you know the one thing I thought of..."I should blog about nitrous-oxide gas." So here I am, telling you about my root canal because that's what I thought about when I was enjoying being gassed.

But no worries, they did send me on my way with a bottle of water and a prescription for pain killers (wink)!
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Unknown said...

You're cute Lori.
Hope you're feeling better.

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