Stress = Cankers

"Some physicians feel that people with a high degree of stress may be more prone to canker sores. Like acne breakouts that appear with stress, canker sores may also be caused by periods of intense stress."

So let's talk about how stress can take a physical tole on a body and I know from personal experience. Ever since about high school my mouth would break out in cankers...inside my lips, all over my tongue and down my throat. At times it had gotten so bad that I couldn't eat (not always a bad thing), talk (always a bad thing) or swallow very easily. However, as I've gotten older I realize when I'm hitting my max point for stress and start over medicating with Vitamin B and L-Lysine. Also I bump up my workouts to give me some sort of outlet. 

I do remember though my senior year it got so bad that my mom was taking me to oral surgeons and all sorts of specialists. One doctor had me breaking open tetracycline capsules into luke warm water and doing sort of a mouth wash and then SWALLOWing. Let me tell was like drinking the nasty stuff you've ever tasted...ever! Then another doctor prescribed this thick pasty syrup that deadened my mouth so I could at least try and eat...that was unpleasant, but didn't have much a taste so it was tolerable. 

In my adult life the most pain I remember being in was right before I was going to be teaching 16 classes at the scrapbook convention in Arlington, Texas about 12+ years ago. I was excited to teach, but it was my first big event with the manufacturer I was working with and the stress got the better of me. My tongue was on fire because of the pain and I could barely smile without tears. I'd talk/teach all day long and smile so no one knew.  I'd suffer through dinner with my co-workers, barely able to swallow and then go back to my room in tears each night. So glad I'm over that...and believe me teaching does not stress me out anymore! 

But sometimes the pressures of home, church, in general do work really hard on a person.  So how do you better manage stress?? Not sure, always working on that and sometimes (like now) when I'm not feeling very well it's much harder to head off before it gets worse. I can tell those stinking little cankers are trying to make an appearance this weekend...but I will NOT let them win. Regretfully the only cure is typically SLEEP...and who has time to sleep!!
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