Back to School 2010-2011 Year!!

A couple of my friends don't have Facebook so they told me that I needed to remember them and post pictures on my blog too....so sorry if these are repeats. And of course my kids will not be happy with me, but oh well...isn't it a mom's responsibility to embarrass her kids?? 

Well here's my handsome son on his first day of 9th grade. He is slightly thrilled about the new year, but who didn't love their 9th grade year?  He's taking Spanish again this year and drawing, which he loves. 

Now this is the girl that is going to be ticked when she sees I posted these cute pictures. But how could I not share how gorgeous she is. My cute daughter started 8th grade this year and is very excited to have more time with her friends. 

She's taking her first year of Spanish and is very excited to be in Mrs. Heath's class (she's a hoot). She's also a Peer Tutor this year and very excited for this opportunity.

Okay kids...the embarrassment is over (for today).
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