Swiss Days Craft Fair Review & Favorite Finds

Every Labor Day weekend begins one of my favorite events, Swiss Days. This is held every year in Midway, Utah. The festival offers lots of fun entertainment, parade and local events...but it's the craft fair that everyone flocks to Midway to enjoy! But you have to get there early, I've seen many booths sell out of hot items before 10/11:00am the first day. In fact, one booth mentioned that women were there waiting to buy from her booth as early as 6:45am...not me, we arrive around 9:00ish every year and are done by lunch.

I had hoped to make a few purchases when I go home by visiting vendor websites, but crafty people are spending more time making their products then focusing on how to sell them to the masses. So many of my favorite finds do not offer online purchasing options (so sad)...so you'll have to join me next year if one catches your eye!! Enjoy....

Heather Castillow Jewelry Designs
I've seen the number of jewelry booths increase over the years at Swiss Days and this year did not disappoint. However after a couple of watch band purchases and my mom going a little crazy in a few jewelry booths we happened upon Heather's booth. Let me tell you the quality of her WORK was amazing. She makes every bead and sculputured wire and I loved her tiny beaded necklaces and soooo much more. But since I'm on a budget I refrained from going a little crazy in hopes that she would have more available to purchase online....regretfully that was not the case, yet another vendor that doesn't have their products available online...YET. She promises to contact everyone via email when she gets her site up and running and also lists some local stores that carry her creations. She is one I will save up for so I can buy it all in person next year!

Vinylicious Designs
The other day I stopped in to Pebbles in Provo and was surprised they were selling sheets of vinyl. Couldn't figure out what I'd do with it. But then at Swiss Days I came to the Vinylicious booth and was so excited. I loved the covered composition books they had and how you could swap out the book once you've used it up and keep the vinyl cover. Too cute!! Here's a link to their site, but it looks like if you're interested in purchasing from her, you'll need to hit a store in Salt Lake. One day these vendors will get a clue and have the same items available for purchase online some how...go figure!

Photo Boards
Regretfully the website for this product is still under construction, but this was one of my most favorite finds I found at Swiss Days this year. These photo boards from Timeless Woods are totally my style and the wood slats have tiny grooves in them so you can slide your 4x6 photos into it. Easy to change out and keep up to date. Some of the board designs would allow both landscape and portrait orientation for the photos. Some were plain with no titles and in different colors. These are manufactured in Orem Utah and beautiful in person. I didn't purchase one because I couldn't get in the booth and this year I didn't want to carry it around. 
Twin Stitchers
I'm a big fan of stitchery patterns...actually do them sometimes (that's another blog post). But I happened upon this cute booth that was selling these cute stitchery patterns called Twin Stitchers

Wicked Sole
This was a booth a desperately tried to get in to...but only because a friend in passing showed me her purchase. The Wicked Sole booth was filled with these darling witches boots with varied themes, but it was the hair clips that I was drawn to (occupational hazard). The flower clips were made from felted wool, etc and soooo yummy. However, I could barely look in the booth let alone go inside and check it out. Again, I asked for a business card or website. Regretfully their website is only a small sampling of what they offered with promise for more later (soooo frustrating).
Can't wait again for next year...but I'm thinking I need to be there before 8am. Remember, Swiss Days is always the weekend of Labor Day. The craft fair portion runs all day Friday and Saturday of that weekend! And maybe one year I'll actually decide to stand in line to get one of those darn SCONES...never get one because the lines are toooooooo long! 
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Coley Ru said...

OMGosh! How exciting!!! This is Coley from Twin Stitchers stitchery patterns. A customer saw your review of us and I HAD to check it out! Thanks so much!!! BTW...we offer E-Patterns too! And just for posting about us, you get a FREE E-Pattern of your choice! I hope you find something you like! Thanks again! Coley (twinstitchers.blogspot.com)

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