Day 1: Modern Day Road Trip

Is it not the coolest thing ever that I can sit in my car while heading to Seattle and use my laptop? In the day when I was my kids’ age we were lucky if we had enough “paper” games to keep us busy and the alphabet game grew old by the second day. Nope, not our kids…they get to use a laptop (sorry no wifi here though…next generation), their game systems, iPods and mini-DVD players. We tried the alphabet game once, but that grew “lame” quickly. And as soon as dad started winning the kids were tired of playing.

For me sitting in a car 800+ miles means I get to catch up on my sleep a bit and do a little blogging from the back seat. One exciting part of our trip so far was my hubby letting our 15 year old drive part of the way. He has his learners permit, but he’s NEVER driven on a highway. But hey, my hubby must know what he’s doing, he drives for a living…. Scariest 30 minutes of my LIFE! Granted the jerking motion from the back seat is always WAY worse and the kind correcting from my husband always sounds meaner when I hear him directing it at my son that has all of our lives in his hands at 65 miles per hour. Sadly they happened to pick the windiest part of our trip that started heading up into the mountains with more semi trucks then even an experienced driver likes to drive around! But thankfully we survived! But I don’t think my son will be volunteering to drive anytime soon. 

And why is it when you take a road trip you must stock up on all the junk food you can and why do we insist on eating so much of it…my stomach doesn’t feel so well. So happy we will be arriving at our destination soon!!

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