Day 2: Slightly Damp Day in Seattle

I have no idea why I start of a series of blog posts by labeling them day 1 or day 2...that implies that I'll be doing them consistently and in order...NOT. So let's say this is the second post about our travels to Seattle instead. Eventually I'll finish posting about the entire trip for my friends and family that have asked!! Here's what we did do our first day in Seattle.

Experience the Music Project | Science Fiction Museum
Posing with a terminator

Coolest sculpture I've seen and it actually played music

My handsome hubby rockin the BASS...sort of!
Pacific Science Center
Tide Pools ...touch with only 1 finger please!

More tide pool touching....

Water guns...so much fun!

Honey...who shrunk us??
Space Needle
It's really day time...just really cloudy...go figure!

Take our second trip up...at night...cool huh?

Isn't she gorgeous?

I had to share this complete DORKY family photo. Before they'll let you go up in the Space Needle they make you stand in front of a blue screen and snap a quick shot of you. We did this twice and it just doesn't seem right. Even weirder...you can swap the background out for different shots of the Space Needle...I especially liked the one where we were floating in front of the big part of the building...in mid-air of course. Of course we did NOT buy this one, just emailed it to ourselves for free!!

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Kat said...

The water guns most definitely look like fun!

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