Still Mystified by Seattle Recycling

As you all know I recently ventured up to Seattle for a short family vacation. We enjoyed so much of the trip, but I have to be honest, I'm still completely mystified by Seattle recycling. We tried to get the hang of it and they do so much to try and education those of us unfamiliar with the program. They even go to the extent of putting images on the different cans like these at McDonalds. But still it was confusing and often times contradicted itself. You'll notice that there is a picture of a cup on the "recycle" bin AND one on the "garbage" bin...go figure!

Our cute Seattle family members tried to educate us as well as we stayed in their home. They handed me a 5 page booklet with more pictures in it, but one page would say to put solid tissues in the food/yard waste and another page would say to put solid napkins/tissues in the garbage...still confused! Also, those things you would think would be recycled...not always the case. And the whole "food waste" receptacle you leave on your counter for leftovers...a little disgusting at times. Heck I love my garbage disposal for those things!  

Don't get me wrong, I love the whole idea of recycling and wish we did it around here. But I will tell you from my point of view, it takes more then a five day vacation to get the program down! 

I took a picture of this sign in a bathroom, this made me pause and reminded me why I liked Seattle and how "green" this city is, even if I don't totally understand Seattle recycling!

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Barb Craft said...

Your post is so funny... and true! I just moved to Texas and around here they are all about their recycling (not as much as Seattle though!) but it took us the longest time to figure out what could go in the recycling bin and what couldn't!! Finally, after a field trip with my third grader, I started to "get it"!!! Enjoy your vacation!
Barb :)

Trisha said...

Mystified is a good word, but not one I would use for recycling.
I've decided to comment when I laugh at your blog so I can stay connected to you. I read your blog all the time but never say a word. I wont be the strong silent type anymore.
Miss you

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