Stop Thumb Sucking Solution & Oral B Winner

Remember my earlier post about my visit to Pobanz OrthodonticsWell he talked about something that  few of my friends might be interested in. He presented a new method to help kids stop sucking their thumb.  He explained that thumb sucking can cause mouth and teeth deformation.  Dr. Pobanz has a very positive approach to helping kids.  

Stop Thumb Sucking
If you have a child above age 6 or 7 who still sucks their thumb or fingers, we learned something from Dr. John that will probably help. Thumb sucking can do a lot of damage to teeth and mess up the structure of your mouth.
Some people still use what’s called an arch that makes it painful for a child to suck their thumb. It uses negative reinforcement. Dr. John believes in positive reinforcement and making the experience fun (he has prizes, contests and fun events for his patients).
The inventor of another solution discovered it while working with race horses. To help calm a horse before a race, trainers put 2 beads on the bit in their mouth. The horse spins the beads with their tongues and helps them focus. That same principle works with kids. Instead of sucking their thumb, they play with the beads and it’s soothing. The device called The Bluegrass works in over 90% of cases.

To find out more information on this and the cost associate with it, contact Pobanz Orthodontics

WINNER...A little over a week ago I posted about Pobanz and offered a great giveaway with an Oral B Electric Toothbrush...the perfect stocking stuffer! The winner was selected by random.org and is: Mitchell5.  To claim your prize just email me your shipping address. 
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JennyKozar said...

I am going to have to look into this as I have an 8 year old thumb sucker. Thanks for the information.

Jenny Kozar

Electric Toothbrush said...

Thumb sucking is definitely comforting but at the same time it is very harmful. It inducts germs and bacteria continuously from the thumbs to the mouth and has even been recognized as the cause of de-shaped front teeth!!!

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