My Artistic Teenagers...they come by it naturally!

I remember when my kids were little I really wanted them to WANT to draw, color, play with clay and just want to be crafty WITH me. It took my son a lot longer to catch the "craftying fever" but my daughter was always drawing, coloring, crafting, knitting...just being overall creative. But now I complain about all their crafty pursuits...but not too much. 

In fact, this month my kids both participated in the Legacy Jr. High Annual Art Show. 

My daughter who is in 8th grade created this painting with acrylics of her most favorite topic, sharks! 

My son who is in 9th grade also participated in the art show. He was even fine with me taking a photo of him at the even (not normal). 

He did this pencil sketch of a World War II air assault. Not only did most of his peers vote this among their favorite, but it also made it on the flyer they created to advertise the Legacy Jr. High Art Show.

He created a similar painting with acrylics for his World Geography class term project...this took him a while to do, but we like the way it looked when it was framed.

Funny thing is, I was complaining one day to my husband that my 15 year old son kept leaving his "art messes" everywhere he sat down. An no place is sacred, he does his art thing on the couch, the table, the living room the family room. But of course my hubby told me that he comes by this "naturally".

What is he talking about, I'm not messy....I'm creative!!

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