My Mom is Crafty Too!

My very hip, cool mom just celebrated her 64th birthday. She's my rock, my mentor and my "reality check" for all these years. I remembered clear back to Jr. High school when my so-called friends decided not to be my friends any more, my Mom was the only girl that would hang with me. We've enjoyed trips together, skiing together and we even took some College classes together (a while back). We've gone to the Park City Arts Festival for so many years I don't even remember the last year I missed going with her. One thing though though that we tend to do a little different is the way we CRAFT. She likes knitting (beautiful afgans), cross-stitching (published samples even) and her recent obsession is beading! 

However, I will admit I thought she was only "collecting" beads for the past year...but guess what, she isn't. She is actually making us all jewelry and working on her own beautiful creations. This GORGEOUS green bracelet was something she "threw together one day." And I will admit, she's my crafting idol. She might not play with paper, but she sure rocks beads! 

So just remember, "my mom is craftier then your mom!"
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WOW Mom's got it goin on in the beading dept! Awesome!

Awww... cute story! Fabulous bead creation!!
Sophia said…
Awesome for Mom, love that beading...
Robyn Schaub said…
Hee hee, my mom's pretty crafty, too, but she makes doll clothes, which are a little too small for me. So I think it's totally cool that your mom makes something you can actually use. It's beautiful! Way to go, mom!
Keersten said…
That bracelet is fantastic! What a cute mom. Now we know where you got your (very impressive) skills from.

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