More Fun with Provo Craft & Cricut Birthday Party Videos

As you all know from my pervious post from CHA that I attended the super fun Provo Craft "Cricut Birthday Party" at the Congo Room. One of my favorite parts of the night was this super funny video spoof on "The Office" about the Cricut. Too cute and so clever. It's a little long, but fun to watch. Then be sure to scroll down and check out the other videos I posted of our entertainment that night...sorry more videos the photos, but photos without the flash don't turn out so well.

I know I'm going to regret posting this video, but I thought, "why not!" First it needs a quick explanation. Provo Craft hired this company called A Little Scene to come in and make party favors for us in the way of a FLIP BOOK. It was so fun! You simply dressed goofy, acted even goofier and they shot a 17 second video of you that they then printed each shot and stapled into a fun flip book you could take home with you. Such a clever idea and so could go crazy making these. So the reason I'm acting like a complete dork in ours is that they said the bigger the movement the more you could see in the end result....so I gave them big movement. I only have this video because a co-worker thought he'd be funny and video tape us making our flip book. I'm shown here with my co-workers Bridget (on left) and Nicole (in the center). I'm sure they'll kill me tomorrow, but just remember girls...I look like the dork in the video, not you!!

Check out their website to see what the end result of a flip book looks like!!

And here are some more videos of the night's entertainment I wanted to share. The first video is of Twitch and Comfort's performance at the Cricut Birthday Party celebration at CHA.

I have to post just one more, it's of the winner of SYTYCD, Joshua. But the best part are the reactions of my co-worker Nicole and Provo Craft's cute Shirlene. We all acted like teenagers and had such a fun time at the party!

Okay, my next CHA video will be about the booths and I have some product giveaways to include...so thanks for indulging me!


Sophia said...

Loved all the videos, but totally loved the one where you ladies are getting jiggy with it...♥

Barb Craft said...

Lori.. your videos are really funny! Poor cricut with his big fingers! But the best is your flip book video! Are you sure there wasn't a little drinkin' going on that night?! lol!! Thanks for sharing these videos so those of us who couldn't go can feel like we did... a little bit!
barb :)

Cynthia Baldwin said...

Very cool! Thanks for the videos. I love SYTYCD. :)

HeatherC said...

Looks like it was a fun time. It was good to see you again.

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