Cricut Birthday Bash Party at CHA Winter 2011

Friday night I was invited to attend the Cricut Birthday Party at the Congo Room downtown at LA Live. And we were so excited when we found out that the entertainment that night were many awesome dancers from So You Think You Can Dance. Holy cow I think I turned into a teenager...I rushed the stage and jumped up and down. I reached out to try and touch the dancers, because YES I was that close. But even better, we got to have our pictures taken with them. I have a great one of Twitch on my phone, so I'll have to post that one later. 

But here I am with Joshua...winner of one season of SYTYCD. Holy cow he's darling in person and sweaty!
Here's my cute friend Sharlene with Comfort...she was a teenager excited!!

Here's my friend Bridget with Joshua too. I'll post some of the great video I too later too when I get home.

Thanks Provo Craft for another AWESOME party!


Auntie Ang said…
Sounds like a great time had by all you need a downtime day from all the fun and walking. Glad it was a big success
Sophia said…
Looks like you guys are really having a party at CHA...not fair ♥
CraftyGirl said…
Sooo much fun! good for you! All of you work so hard you deserve to cut loose and enjoy yourself! Thanks for sharing the photos!
barb :)
Queen Mary said…
U All-RED r painting the town All-Red! Party on!
Queen Mary said…
U All-RED r painting the town All-Red! Party on!
What an exciting evening and such fun photographs too! Thanks for sharing with us... if we can't be there, photos are the next best thing indeed!
Theresa said…
Looks like you guys are having a great time :)

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