Favorite Finds: KMcKay Spool Knock Offs, Slippers, Pinterest

Decorating with Spools

My very talented friend Kristine McKay did one of my most favorite Studio 5 segment to date. She showed some great decorating ideas with SPOOLS. Learn how easy it is to knock off this popular trend seen at stores like Ballard and Pottery Barn.  

On a side note, I watch crafty shows like this and think they're cute, but very seldom feel inspired to recreate them...but not with this one. I'm heading to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to buy the supplies. I especially loved that Kristine posts free downloads for the labels on the spools on her website

Felted Crocheted Slippers

I found these one day on Etsy and not many things make me want to crochet, but this gal was selling the pattern for these and I almost bought it. How darling are these cute little slippers? If any of you want to teach me to crochet, I'll buy the pattern for us to use.

Blossom Couture

Have you checked out Heidi Swapp's Blossom Courture flowers! You know me, I love silk, sugar or paper flowers of any type. These are darling and so yummy.

My Latest Addiction: Pinterest

Pinterest is a place to catalog the things you love. 

Pinterest is a social catalog.
Pin things you love.
Follow people with great taste.

Let me explain it the way it would make sense to me if I asked someone. Say you're like me, you go to tons of blogs with tons of great ideas. But it's hard to keep track of all those ideas. And being a visual person, I want to see a picture to remind me about why I liked an idea, recipe, project, etc. I use to try and bookmark them, but that doesn't give you a visual reference, but Pinterest does. So now every time I go to a site and find something I want to remember, I just "Pin it" and it not only saves the image to my board (like the one shown above), but it also saves a link to the blog/website.

But quick warning, you cannot sign up to start your own Pinterest site without an invitation from someone that already is on there. You can request one and they add your name to a list, or I can send you one directly if you give me your email. I'm happy to feed a new addiction for all my friends!

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Sophia said...

Also loving Pininterest...

Fayette said...

Love your blog, Lori! I'm passing along a Stylish Blogger Award to you to let you know that I love following you & your creativity!

Grab the award image here: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-2hX7wg5mMPQ/TXgN7WgmMYI/AAAAAAAAAVM/k74M91I5HyM/s1600/stylish_blogger_award%255B8%255D.jpg

One of The Ettes

Tracy said...

Hi Lori .... you and me, both, Girl ... Pinterest has me hooked too .... YAY and grrr ....

Love, Tracy

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