Glee Slushee Cupcakes & Birthday Surprise!

Aren't these the cutest ever? I have no idea who came up with the idea, but they were delivered last night to my daughter the day before her 14th birthday by some friends. And being the Glee-k that I am couldn't resist sharing. Glee Slushee Cupcakes...too cute!
First lets talk more about the cupcakes. They're actual yellow cupcakes sitting inside the tops of a plastic cups. they sprinkled colored sugar over the tops to make it look like the famous colored slushees every gets in the face on Glee and then stuck fruit licorice in for straws. Oh and love the labels...so cute!

But here's what happened to my daughter when she opened the front door to her friends....
They "slusheed" her in the face...make sure to not get in her newly washed hair or on her jammies (thanks guys). The sign is of Puck I think was a card. And here are the culprits that brought a little Glee Sunshine to our home last night. 
Ashlyn, Kaylee, Emma, Jazy, Haley 
Happy Birthday Emma...we love you!
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