Easter Gum, HoHos and a Beautiful Easter Message

I have to admit that my heart hasn't really been in the commercial side of Easter this year. And not intentionally or for any moral purpose, I just haven't cared to worry about it actually. My kids are 14 and 15 years old and so there's no need to continue the illusion that the Easter bunny will visit our home and leave them oodles and oodles of fattening candy. 
In fact, when I pointed out to my daughter that I hadn't thought much about a gift/treat for her and her brother, her response was, "Oh I didn't think we did that any more." Cool for me. However, as the date approached I did have two small requests for "this" Easter bunny from my two kids. My son asked for HoHos and my daughter said, "please no candy, but lots of gum is okay." So that's what my kids got for Easter....

But today my thoughts are more of my Savior and his gift to ME. I borrow these words from another today, but they reflect my same feelings so perfectly I could not have said it better. 

"The tomb is empty and thus my life is full. How I love Him ! And revere Him. I strive to do His will and fail all too often. But He picks me up, dusts me off, and helps me try again. Surely He is the God of Love. For He has borne my sorrows, my sins, and my grief." 

Happy Easter

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