Favorite Finds: Pinwheels, Bookmarks and Marie Claire Idees Magazine

Pinwheel Card by Laura Pryor

Not only did the colors of Laura's card catch my eye, but the fun pinwheel for sure drew me into finding how I could create them for myself. Not only did I find out, but how fun, there is a simple little die that you can purchase online and create as many fun pinwheel cards as you'd like. Or if you don't mind hand cutting out your own pinwheels, then here's another tutorial that you can print a template.

Page Corner Bookmarks

Love this cute little paper crafting idea and when you see the tutorial on how they were made you'll love them even more. I think I'll make some of these with my daughter, she'd get a kick out of these.

Marie Claire Idees Magazine
My cute friend Jana Eubank showed me these yummy over-sized Marie Claire Idees magazines last time we got together to scrapbook. Although I cannot read most of these french magazines, the beautiful ideas and eye candy throughout these issues made up for that. I'm told you can purchase these at most Barnes & Noble stores in the magazine section. I'm for sure picking me up some soon! Or you can subscribe online and look at back issues I'm told...haven't done that yet...better give it a try now!

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