When in doubt...take your kids cough syrup!?

I posted recently about a children's cough syrup called Zarbees. The company sent me home with samples after teaching me about the reasons their product is perfect for children 12 mos+. But of course since my children are teenagers I figured we wouldn't be using the medicine at our house. Well I was WRONG....

In a moment of complete desperation as I started to get sick a couple weeks ago I remember waking up in the middle of the night with a killer sour throat and having a hard time swallowing. It was unbearable and after searching through my medicine cupboards I came up with NOTHING. Short of heating up a cup of honey and lemon myself, I decided to go find my bag of samples from Zarbee's and give this Children's cough medicine a try...since it did claim to soothe sore throats. And yes, it worked for me...even though I am not among the recommended age for the product!
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June Houck said…
yea, Lori! I am going to look for that product. I hope your sore throat is better :)
Sophia said…
Nice, even we feel like children when we are sick, glad it worked...♥

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