Yummy Idea - Ribbon Cupcake Shirts for Little Girls

I was doing cleaning out of files and came across a group of photos I collected a while back. Regretfully it was before I found Pinterest and so I have no idea where I found them, so I cannot link back and give credit to the creators (which I hate)...but I so wanted to share. So I hope the blogging world will forgive me for not linking back. I did find a couple that I've feature here doing a google search, so I'll for sure show you those links below their photo. 

Anyway, who doesn't love a cute cupcake? Even the type you cannot eat.  I must have thought these Ribbon Cupcake Shirts for Little Girls were cute when I saved all the images, but what I'm wondering is, can someone my age could get away with it??

PettiSkirt Style Website

Fancy Schmancy Girly Boutique

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