Airplanes....making my way to New Zealand

I have never been a big fan of airplanes...but flying half way around the world is a new experience all of it's own. I think I slept for about 7 hours but I feel like I barely closed my eyes and then woke up to the lady in front of my laughing loudly as she watched her tv or was it the baby crying...oh wait it was the bathroom door opening and shutting for the fiftieth time (did I mention that we are sitting right by the bathroom?)

Time stands still on the ride that should take us about 13 hours....that doesn't count the seven hours our first leg of the trip took. Right now my iPad says it's 11:20am....but 11:20 where? The little tv monitor says we have less then 3 hours before we arrive. I think I am hungry but my internal clock is so whacked out considering e border this flight in LA at about midnight and they fed us dinner about 2am...why did we eat that late? I think my mom and I were worried they wouldn't feed us again. Which they will but it won't be for almost 9-10 hours later.

I know they do feed you a meal on a flight this long, something I thought the airlines had long abandoned. However for those of you that were wondering...the food isn't that great. I did love the key lime pie in a cup though.

As for Qantas...aside from this being the biggest plane I have ever been on....it is by far the nicest! I thought we would have to rely on my iPad for entertainment...but not so. The have individual tv sets and you can pick from movie, games, tv hows and music. I just finished watching The Adjustment bueura and now I am listening to Adele's cd.

Well...I will try to update you all soon. Can't wait to share pictures of New Zealand!

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