Hanging with My Kiwi Friends

Did you know Dr. Pepper is harder to find half way around the world....in fact most places in New Zealand don't offer fountain soda at all. Then there is the issue of ice...apparently not a big thing down here. Water is typically served out of the tap in a glass.

Not that I am complaining, but who would have thought ice and fountain drinks would be what I miss the most...aside from my family and a good Internet connection.

Here is a couple of quick observations about new Zealand...

1. The people (aka Kiwis) are so nice...polite, patient and kind!
2. Driving on the left looks hard....even the escalators are opposite of ours in the US and even had a hard time navigating those too.
3. Barefoot is OK. It is very common here for the Maori people here to walk around in public without shoes. Oh and flip flops are called "jandles".
4. Many things here are priced very high...especially scrapbook supplies, shoes and food...all the things I love. I am sure its the price the kiwis pay for living on a beautiful island half way around the world. But here are a few comparisons to the US:
-Cricut Expression is $800....in US you can find a deal on this for under $200
-Imaginisce I-rock is $34.50...in US it's only $12.99
-Glass of Coke for dinner is $5.00 (no refills or ice)....and in US we are talking $1.10 for a big gulp or $2.50/3.00 for unlimited refills
5. Such a diversity here that I absolutely love! Especially since I love to watch people. People of every shape and size and color! it is amazing to me and I love that I feel like I fit in....where I am not completely sure...but I am accepted. Oh and apparently I have a cool accent too!

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Melinda AKA medialady said...

My parents have toured through some of Europe and ice is not available like it is in the US either. . . but their water isn't good so that makes sense. Have a great time!

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