Lost in Translation..my Naive Travels through New Zealand

Okay I know the speak english in New Zealand, but I wasn't prepared for the "accent". But I love listening to the wonderful Kiwis of New Zealand speak. I forgot I had an accent to them until a waitress practically pulled up a chair one day to ask us where we were from and tell us how much she liked our accent. However, combine that bit of an accent with talking a little fast sometimes and then calling things by different names then I was use to made from some funny situations. 

Don't worry, I have many more things to share about my travels, but I started this list with my mom while we were in the airport and thought it would be fun to share should you find yourself in New Zealand anytime soon. Oh and I'm not going to even start on the Maori words. 

  1. Rubbish - this was my all time favorite one to day...I love calling "trash" or "garbage"...rubbish...doesn't it sound better?? 
  2. Scones - loved the cheese ones but they were very much like what we call "biscuits"
  3. Biscuits - that's what they call "cookies"
  4. Motorways - we call them freeways or highways
  5. Take Away - in place of "to go"...this one I had a hard time with since I am so use to hearing the question, "stay or to go" and when asked "for here or take away" in that cute, fast kiwi accent I always had to ask them to repeat the question...up to the day I left 
  6. Heaps - a lot, I suppose no different then "loads"
  7. Trading Hours - what is posted on businesses in place of "Store Hours"
  8. Give Way - a common street sign, we find "yield" works for us
  9. Mind Your Step - signs I saw getting on and off the train and other applicable spots reminding us to "watch our step"
  10. The Boot - trunk of a car
  11. Queue - Line, as in "make a line" or "standing in line"
  12. Petrol - gas or gasoline
  13. Fizzy Drinks - just like it sounds it's soda pop
  14. Toilets - in place of restroom
  15. Trolley - carts or suitcases
  16. Lifts - obviously they lift you up just like an elevator

Yes, I miss being there and the very kind people I met and enjoyed being around while I was down there. What a wonderful experience and I'm so grateful for everything!!