Yummy Recipes Inspired by Pinterest

Okay I have to say that my favorite subject on Pinterest is FOOD. The photos people take inspire me to want to try them out. So thanks to the wonderful bookmarking capability of Pinterest, it makes searching out that next yummy dinner super easy. Here are some PINS I have on Pinterest that I've actually tried out at home. And I have so many more too...

I've linked to the original site that the pins were pulled from so you can give them a try too!! 

I made these last night with turkey tenderloins instead of chicken. We also didn't have any course mustard, so I turned the glaze more into a honey lemon instead. My family loved them.

I also tried these yesterday for fun. My boys really liked them, but by 16 year old suggested just doing cream cheese by itself next time, too funny. But who doesn't like things wrapped in crescent rolls? 

We gave these a try and other then we used too much olive oil they were not bad. So be careful when you make these or you'll have greasy tomatoes.

Mine did not end up looking like these but they were super tasty and easy to whip up for my family. Wished we'd had the marinara sauce to go with it too! 

My main advice to all of you when searching out your next recipe on Pinterest...don't do it when you're HUNGRY!!
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