Late Night Breakdown Remembering 9/11

It's 1:21am on September 10th and I had no plans to write about 9/11, blog about it or even watch any television talking about 9/11. It still makes me sad (I'm a crier). But wouldn't you know it. I saw this photo on my friend's profile picture on Facebook and I thought I could at least do that....

I could at least change my profile picture to show that I too had not forgot. 

But the next thing I know I'm sobbing as I look through hundreds of photos on Google from that day not so long ago. A mad rush of feelings just hit me...everything I felt that day, the days following and now 10 years later. Wow.

And yes, I write this more for me then for you to read, forgive me. 

When I was younger, I remember my mom saying she knew where she was the day John F. Kennedy was shot. I use to think that was so strange that she could remember the details on a day marked by tragedy. But now I understand.

I still remember and will never forget what I was doing on September 11, 2001. I was getting ready to go to work that morning and had the morning news on in the living room. I think my husband and I were checking to see what the traffic was like that day. I remember like ti was yesterday seeing this image on the television and yelling for Kirk to hurry as I watched the second airplane crash into the second tower. 

It was so surreal. 

I remember what I did that day, how I felt and who I was with. Everyone I spoke to was equally in shock by it all thinking after we went about our day of work that we'd return home to learn that it really hadn't happened. 

But I returned to watching the television to see this unbelievable photo of people walking home across the Brooklyn Bridge. It looked like it was snowing, but it also looked like a war zone and they were the victims...I guess they were. 

We watched through tears for days as we heard about the people being rescued and the bravery of the fire fighters and law enforcement. It still a little unbelievable this happened. And even more so after I was able to visit Ground Zero a few years later. I walked through a little church across the street from Ground Zero and my heart broke as the memorial pieces throughout the church reminded everyone of the sacrifice the volunteers made to be there, for the loss of life and the destruction caused in our backyard. 

I will never forget.

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