IBP Break...New Blooper Reel

So I spent a ton of time getting ready for Girls Camp these past few weeks that I took a break from filming my Inspired by Pinterest show. So there is not a new show episode today. But our production team over at My Craft Channel thought another blooper reel was in order and sadly I am the fool staring in this episode. Be sure to watch if you want to see me RAP...yep you heard it, Lori tries to rap (not well, but I tried). 


The Inspired By Pinterest Show will return in a couple of weeks. 
Thanks for tuning in and I cannot wait to share more great ideas inspired by Pinterest.


  1. You are always the STAR of My Craft Channel. I love your shows way better than any others. And your beautiful daughter just makes them better yet.

  2. Bwahahaha... too funny! Move over Puff Diddy!


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