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Imagine my surprise when I roll over to turn my iphone alarm off this morning and cradle it in my hands as I check my messages and emails.... there at the top of my work email was a email telling me what was being featured on the Today's Creative Blog today. You see it's part of my morning routine and I was ready for just about anything...
anything except the subject line with my name in it.

I shot out of bed and started hyperventilating and giggling at the same time. I was beyond thrilled and excited to see that both myself and My Craft Channel were being featured!!

Then a quick panic of "oh crap, I haven't updated my blog this week" shot through my head. So I thought I'd say HI, welcome and link you to a few things.

First, you MUST follow me on Pinterest...you see I'm addicted and I think you will find what I pin and feature on my Inspired by Pinterest show worth your time (wink). Follow me here.

Second, you MUST like My Craft Channel on Facebook. I'm always popping over there asking questions and talking about upcoming shows.

And last I'd love to hear where you're visiting from and if you like, follow my little blog that I only update when I need to (wink)!!

Last, if you don't already follow Today's Creative Blog, you should...they feature all sorts of cool things (like me) and she is the coolest crafty chick I know (wish she lived closer)!

Thanks KIM & everyone!!

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Unknown said...

I'm visiting from TCB!! Those melted plastic spoon flowers totally caught my eye. And I want to print on paper bags now asap. I love that idea!! So glad that you were highlighted so I could pop over here :)

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