Photobook Arrived!!

I meant to post about this 3 DAYS ago when my 12x12" photobook arrived for my hubby's 40th birthday gift. It's AWESOME and so much better then I expected it to be....actually I expected it to be great, but until you see the hours of work you've put into a project COMPLETED it's hard to know what to expect. I absolutely love the photo of Kirk on the cover...isn't he handsome?

Just a reminder for those new visitors to my blog, I created the entire book in My Memories Suite software. It's amazingly easy and had I created this entire book in Photoshop (which I could have) it would have taken me weeks and weeks, instead of days. I spent more time scanning in photographs and tweaking them then I did laying them out in the book. I have to send a BIG THANK you to my friend Michelle, she took this gorgeous picture of the Salt Lake Temple and was willing to let me use it in Kirk's book. The year we were married they were cleaning the Temple, so all my wedding pictures have scaffolding on the left side of the Temple. The original, full-size of picture is stunning and I think she should sell the prints...I would buy one!! If you want to see more of her amazing photography, check out her blog here.