Twilight Inspired Bedroom

My daughter has been asking for Christmas if we could remodel her room (which use to be yellow and green). She really wanted it to be "Twilight", black and white. So after putting her off a couple months I decided it would be a great 12th Birthday gift and we got to work. We painted over the yellow - white...the green was covered with the best red paint color ever. We then repainted the closet doors, ceiling fan, dresser, chair, night-stand all black. For her birthday she received those inexpensive poster frames that we put her very cool Twilight posters in and we have on order some cool "Twilight" inspired vinyl for the walls. The last thing we need to get are some black sheer curtains for the two smaller windows and then it's COMPLETE!! 
Description: Layout created in My Memories Suite
 using the (soon to be released) Twilight Fanpire Template. Font is
Lettering Delights Nettle


haskells said…
I love it, it looks so cool! Happy late Birthday Emma!
Cheryl said…
I love both the bedroom and your layout. Very cool!
Anonymous said…
i love this its so cool, i was wondering where i might find the cover you used on the bed

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