Ettes & Company New Designs

Okay if you have Disney pictures you've never scrapbooked then you need to check out the new Magical Memories collection from Ettes & Company!! I created the first two layouts with this collection. The bottom layout was created with the new Princess Collection and they also just released a darling Pirate Collection. And as always, I created these fun layouts in My Memories Suite software...it's the easiest way to scrapbook your memories!!


Project 52: Weeks 9, 11 & 14

I fell a little behind on my Project 52. I had some weeks where I'd put pictures on the darn page and never actually finished the pages. So I thought I better get caught up before I fall TOOOO far behind. 

Here's my typical disclaimer for those of you joining us new. I saw tons of people talking about Project 365 and couldn't commit to something that large...and came up with my own version called Project 52. So I take random pictures from each week, create a layout for that week and add them to my ongoing album. I create all of these using My Memories Suite software (which I love). When I'm finished I'll have the layouts all made into a 12x12 photobook. 

Description: Paper-Feelin Happy; Notebook-School Memories; Font-LD Old Remington

Description: Paper & Embellishments-Twilight Fanpire; Font-Zepher

Description: Papers & Embellishments-Easter Traditions by Ettes & Company; Font-LD Woodland


Pinewood Derby Layout

I was so excited to play with this new collection from Ettes & Company, called "Tall, Dark & Handsome." Although it seemed mostly designed for your man or dad, I couldn't resist using it on some very OLD Pinewood Derby pictures I've never scrapbooked of my son (he's now almost 14...in the pics he's eight). I'm holding out for the same collection to be ready for My Memories Suite in a week so I can go crazy and build a great many layouts or photobook!!


Don't Start Scrapping Your Wedding Photos First

I started learning to scrapbook 14 years ago before my son was born and of course the most important pictures I needed scrapbooked where my wedding photos. To this day it is the one album that I want to do over and I'm not a fan of redoing pages. But 14 years ago I only had access to deckled edged scissors and pretty stationary and stickers...yes, I said stickers. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the many pictures I cut out around the people and turned most of the formal pictures into OVAL cutouts.

So I was asked to create a layout using a new collection just posted in the Design Shop at My Memories Suite called "Be My Guest" by Ettes & Company. Loved this template set and full pack and don't my wedding pictures look amazing. I hope to scan in all my wedding pictures and build a wedding photobook soon.


The Desire to Create

I know I typically don't post many things that are too personal on here, but I loved this Youtube video I just watched on another blog. So I wanted to share it with many of my friends and where better to do this then my blog.

As for creative idea? The video talks about being creative so I think it counts!


FREE WordArt Blog Find

Do you guys like WordArt as much as me? Do you like FREE things? Then you'll love Bethany's Elegant Word art blog. She loves to create different WordArt titles and quotes and she posts them for anyone that wants them. A find worthy of sharing with you all. When you get to her blog, just scroll down along the "right" side of the blog and she has them all organized by topic. Once you find the titles you want, just right click on them and save them to your computer.


My Project 52: Weeks 12 and 13

I'm a slacker I know..sort of like keeping up on writing in my journal. Months would go by and then every entry would start with, "I'm a slacker". So one thing to note about this Project 52, if you get behind too much (like me) then it's harder to catch up. I think the last week I posted was week 8 and we're now on week 14. So I decided to do what I would do in traditional scrapbooking and work backwards. 

For those of you that are new to my blog, I decided that "Project 365" was too much for me to cope with and started my own version called "Project 52". Rather then taking a picture every day and scrapbooking it, I do a layout from each week. Loved the idea and the book I'm going to have printed at the end of the year will ROCK! All my layouts for Project 52 were created in My Memories Suite. It's a great, inexpensive program that allows me to organize my layouts and have them ready to output to a Photobook when I'm done. I'm very proficient at Photoshop, but find that this program is much easier to use. I think My Memories Suite software is a great "companion" software to Photoshop.
Description Week 12: Not sure who to give credit to on the paper and embellishments since I pulled them out using the search feature in MMS. I'm pretty sure that they're from Miriam Lima and The Ettes & Company. But the fonts are both Lettering Delights (Remington Portable & Sweet Potatoes). 

Description Week 13: Papers are from StoryRock's Birthday Boy collection and the font is Lettering Delights Neetle. 


Classy Photo Blocks

Love, love this idea that my friend Jill Means created for her digi shop (Legacy Digital Designs) and for My Memories Suite software. You've all seen those wood blocks where someone mod podges photos onto the blog and then stacks them as a unique photo display on a shelf...right? Well I have to say these are the classiest (is that even a word) blocks I've ever seen.

Jill told me she created these for her Grand Father and the entire family is now requesting these for Christmas gifts. If you're a My Memories Suite user, the kit will be available soon...in pleanty of time for Christmas (wink). What a great idea!!


A+ Home Decor Idea: Clipboards

I couldn't resist sharing this idea with you all...it's so cute when I have a wall in my office to decorate I'm going to recreate this. Of course the ideas was on the queen of craft, Martha Stewart. It's always amazing to me what you can do with a little Mod Podge and beautiful papers. 


April Fool

We don't really recognize "April Fool's Day" for what it is.....you know, the traditional pranks to those you love...or love to tease. You see it's also my husband, Kirk's birthday. So I think by default the meaning of this day is trumped by celebrations of Kirk's birth oh so long ago. Granted we don't get too excited about his birthday...he hates it when we make a fuss (but secretly loves it when we do). He's a great husband and father and we're greatful to have enjoyed another year with him. His grandpa Allred that passed away use to tell me, "Birthdays are GOOD for your HEALTH...the MORE you have the LONGER you live!!"

Happy Birthday Kirk!!

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