Favorite Finds for the 7th Week of 2010

Chiffon Pom Flower Earring
So I bought these from Forever 21 for my birthday...in fact, they were so cute and came in three colors (pink, white, black) and I couldn't decide so I bought them all. I actually saw them on a friend Megan Hoeppner from CK Media wearing them the other day and LOVED how cute they were on her...I just hope I can pull them off (or my daughter will have some really cute earrings).

Jersey Ruffled Scarf Tutorial
I always love a good tutorial and Sew Much Ado blog offers up this darling scarf tutorial. Enjoy!

Amazing Quilling
This is for my friend Amy...years ago we did a demo on how to Quill at a convention in Chicago and being fairly new to paper crafting we were open minded. But after we twisted and glued a share of paper strips, we decided quilling was a "lost" artform that should probably stay lost (at least for us). However, I came across a site for Yulia Bodskaya, who is said to be the Queen of Quillers. Her work is AMAZING and I hope she gets paid lots and lots of money to roll those paper strips...check out her gallery here.

Fat Free Chocolate Cake
I finally found a chocolate cake that wouldn't make me fat!! This awesome FELT creation by Patisserie Soleil, totally made me giggle. Coolest part is the site this and may other yummy felt treats are found on are "kits"...all precut and ready to assemble.

Lounge Pants
My daughter is just learning to sew and she'd sew something every weekend if I had the energy to work with her on it. So in the meantime I stall by having her look for things she wants to sew and then search for the perfect fabric. Well this is one project I found on my own and hope she'll be interested in doing...so cute. DYI Style is such a great site that I still haven't found enough time to search through.

Fabric Flower Bib Necklace
This gorgeous piece of artwork or neck-wear can be found (along with many other delightful creations) at Second Sister Designs shop. Look around and be sure to check out her blog...love her style and ideas.

Sunshine Clips
I came across this fun website called Old Soul New Heart...
iPod Valentines
I know it's after Valentine's Day, but had to remember these come next year. Too cute and all my daughter's friends would love them. So do with it what you want, but thanks Crafty Chicksfor posting it.


Ann Martin said...

What a great collection of ideas... especially that felt piece of cake - too cute! I like to quill and LOVE Yulia's work. If you ever want to give quilling a try again sometime, there are some simple tutorials on my blog. You might show your daughter... maybe she'll get hooked on quilling and it will free up your weekends a bit. :-)

Melinda Spinks said...

All three pairs of earings!!! LOL!
Lucky they didn't come in all the colours of the rainbow.
Thanks for sharing such beautiful ideas Lori.

Marcie said...

way fun stuff Lori! I love the scarf! and I'm sure the earring look GREAT on you....and you had better watch them or your daughter will have some cute earrings without you knowing it! LOL! love ya tons and tons!

donlambson said...

i want that i-thing!
oh, and the cake would work for fat free birthday celebrations all year round!

Mitchell5 said...

I am all over that scarf!! Great finds!!! and I can't wait to see the earrings on you next time we see each other!! Let your daughter know I can make pants anytime you bring her up... you know the deal! Love, Love, Love the cake and all the other fat free yummies on her site... so stinking cute!

Liz said...

What are you doing shopping at Forever 21??? Is it still shopable after you have had children? I love those little earrings and am now going to have to consider paper quilling. WOW! Thanks for sharing all of the goodies and great ideas.

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