My New Tool: Martha Stewart Scoreboard

I've wanted one of these Martha Stewart Scoreboards for a while now, but it was a blog post for a mini fold book by Lisa Johnson that totally had me hooked. When I find a tool I know I must own it sort of nags at me until I finally buy it...which I did. And I took it with me to a weekend crop to give it a try.  
Here's what I created with my new Martha Steward Scoreboard. I saw this fun Shutter Card on the Scor-Pal website and thought I'd give it a try. After a couple of attempts and adjustments to size, I finally found my groove (ha, ha) and created this beautiful card with Teresa Collins Giving Thanks Collection

Then I created this Candy Bar Card from another pattern I found on the Scor-Pal website. It's super easy to make once you figure out the directions.
And if you have ever tired making these pin wheel flowers without a scoring board then you know how hard it is to get it to turn out right. 
It fits those oversized Hershey or Symphony Bars...cute huh?? I created this fun card with the new Everybody Loves Christmas collection by Echo Park. And don't you love my Devine Twine on the card??
Now a little bit about the Martha Stewart Scoreboard, you should know that it's really reasonably priced. It's only $19.99 at most stores and it's competitor, Score-pal retailers for almost twice that ($39.99). And if you'd like to read a sweet review on this, check out Erin Bassett's post over on the Craft Critique.

My recommendation...buy one! Other then it's another tool you have to figure out how to store, it's a great product to own!!
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Erin Bassett said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm really surprised how I ever lived without one...such a time saver!!

Jingle said...

I love mine, too!!! It is so helpful!

Barb Craft said...

I have one of these and love, love, love it!! I actually started making a few cards after that!! Thanks for the links to the cards you made... your first card is amazing!!
barb :)

Keersten said...

Oh my, you are so very talented! I will have to take a look into one of these. I have to admit that I am still in the scrapbook dark ages; but I LOVE seeing what you cool people are doing!

Penny Smith said...

I love the Scor-it board. Easier for us "not so good at math" people. It has ONE raised score ridge in the center, and it makes a nice raised score. Measures 6 inches each way from the center.
Scoring for dumbies! LOL!
I obsessed about this like you did the Martha Stewart scoring board. Waited until I have scrappy garage sale credit! :)

Great cards Lori! Maybe I should actually now score something myself!

Liz said...

How cute I have a scorepal but love the 1/4 marking ont his so eventually I will get it.
I want to thank you for the great job as a DT cordinator over at Imaginisce.
It takes a lot of time dedication and cordinating the blog is never boring the designers create with their heart and soul I am just extending gratitude at this time of year for all the hard work Scrappy people do I don't think they hear it enough!

Cynthia Baldwin said...

I just bought a Martha scoring tool too! Just got it outbid the packaging but haven't actually use it. Thanks for the links! I can use these project ideas.

Cindy Groh said...

So that's the trick with those flowers, you have to have a scoring board? My craft room is so full that if I bring another scrapbook retail bag into the house my husband is going to blow up. It would help if I got off the computer and actually did my projects instead of looking at what others have done. Best wishes:)

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