My First Ustream (live) Class for Oh My Crafts

My friends at Oh My Crafts (great online retailer) asked me to join them to teach my first live ustream craft demo for them down at their studio. It was super fun and I was thrilled to find that I could pull the recording for those of you that missed it.

The demo features Imaginisces i-rock tool and the many ways it could be used. It was a fun surprise to have Sandy jump in and join me as well. Oh and we took a little time to teach Sandy how to create Roly Rosies, popular i-bond (cordless glue gun) with Imaginisce's Petal Roller tool as well.

Video streaming by Ustream

Be sure to check out the Imaginisce blog often, they give away i-rock tools and more all the time!! Thanks Imaginisce for sponsoring my first uStream video.

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New Official Cricut Blog launches today!

The Official Cricut Blog
sponsored by the Cricut Circle

Provo Craft is proud to announce the launch of the Official Cricut Blog sponsored by the Cricut Circle! This all new blog will go live TODAY and we want you to be a part of the celebration! The Official Cricut Blog will introduce artists and crafters to the benefits of the Cricut Circle. It will showcase inspiring projects designed by the Cricut Circle Design Team and provide a central location to receive announcements, promotions and updates on everything Cricut, directly from Provo Craft.

The Official Cricut Blog sponsored by the Cricut Circle will feature the following:

·         Inspirational projects using your favorite Cricut machines. The Imagine, Expression, Cricut Cake, Cuttlebug, Yudu and more.
·         Hello Thursday Cartridge announcements.
·         Educational videos and tutorials directly from Provo Craft.
·         Occasional sneak peeks into the exclusive Cricut Circle Community.
·         Access to the latest Cricut.com deals.
·         And much, much more!

We are so excited to share this great news with you and we look forward to having you join in on the fun!

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Simple Covered Notebook

The other day I needed a quick and simple gift idea for a friend as a Thank You gift and remembered my notebooks I use to create all the time. In fact, I created this fun covered note pad a couple years ago and shared it on an old blog of mine (that I not longer maintain). And after hunting it down as a reminder, I thought I would repost it for my blog followers. I saw this fun idea to take a small lined notepad and cover it with scrapbook papers. It's quick and easy and the perfect gift when you need something for a friend. Visit this  step-by-step blog post to learn how.

The other thing I couldn't wait to make are these cute fabric flowers. I had so much fun I made a bunch of them. Here's some instructions on how to make these!

Enjoy this revisited project for the this lovely Tuesday!

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Creative Ways to Gift Wrap

Creative Ways to Wrap Gifts
My super cute friend Alisa Bangerter was featured on Studio 5 last week on creative ways to wrap gifts. She showed a lot of ideas using brown paper and made the the top super cute and creative. This one below she made a bow out of airhead and smarties candies. How cute is that?

If you'd like to watch the segment here's the video:

So this segment made me think of all the yummy ideas I've saved on Pinterest of cute gift wrapping ideas and thought I'd share those as well.
This one reminded me of a scrapbook page or card.
I found it on pinterest and it linked to this site.

Love this pom pom gift wrap idea from Bugs & Fishes blog.

Love the white paper flower on white paper. I also found this one on Pinterest,
Martha Stewart's Cupcake Carnations
Dipping Confetti Gift Wrapping idea from Tokketok
Love the idea of wrapping with photos from Sweet Paul.
Wrapping with Fabric - another Pinterest find.
Yummm & it's made from wax paper. Be sure to click
over to "Nice Package blog" and see the tutorial on how to
make this fun flower package topper.
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Happy Mother's Day 2011

Lion King performance 2010
Disneyland 2003
Quick thoughts on being a mom...

this won't be profound by any means, I just felt I should say something about it being that it is Mother's day. 

Some days I love it....
   some days I don't. 

I'm forever grateful for being blessed to be a mom, but so often I forget to thank my Heavenly Father for the change to have this special privilege. 

First, my kids are "cooler then your kids" and they just simply ROCK! Yes, there are times that I've question if I was doing it all perfectly. But I'm not, I'm learning as I go and I think we're all doing okay for it. My kids are honest, kind and patient...not sure they got any of those from me, but I am very proud of them. 

My kids will of course KILL me for posting pictures of them on my blog...but hey, it's Mother's day and I get to do goofy things like that. 

Did I mention I had a pretty AWESOME mom myself...she was and is my best friend! I will tell you the best thing my mother ever taught me and I hope to pass on to my kids was, "that I could do anything I set my mind to." 

Fourth of July - about 2009
Family Picture Day - not sure...maybe 2007
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Do your teenagers blog? Tips for Parents of Teenage Bloggers

You know I'm pretty sure my kids do not read my blog and if they do, they never say anything about it. Oh unless I put something up that's super embarrassing for them. But what surprised me recently is that my son has his own blog. He happened to leave the computer logged into it one evening and I found it. He's only posted a a few times, but who would have thought my own son is a closet blogger and I had no idea.

I love that the tagline to his blog is "Take a trip through my mind and thoughts." 

Screen Shot of my Son's Blog Header
I believe strongly that blogs are a great way to document, share and simply get things down on paper (so to speak). I grew up keeping journals...I loved writing in them and I was pretty faithful, but I haven't been for years.

I do find blogging has sort of replaced that for me..minus my deep dark thoughts that only go in a journal and get burned before you die (and yes I have a few of those).

But as a teenager, I'm sure this was very theraputic for my son. He didn't write much about anything deep and revealing, just short to the point things...oh except one about him being up at 2am on a school night...we need to talk about that one. However I think I'll keep it to myself (and my blog followers) that I found this blog. It's good to thing your mom is monitoring "everything"...right??

Now I know my daughter has a blog, she actually asked me to help set it up for her and I designed the header...so cute if I do say so myself. But she stopped blogging on it last year (apparently lost it's novelty). But the fact that both my 14 and 15 1/2 year old teens have their own blogs I thought I would share some things I've learned.

Safety Tips for Parents of Teenage Bloggers

1. If they will agree, I would make the blog private. That means it's password protected and only those people they invite to ready it via an email invitation can view the blog (at least that's how Blogger does it). That way they can invite family and friends they want to read it. But be cautious and only invite those you trust to visit your blog. 

2. Talk to them about safe blogging practices, like not putting your address or phone number on the blog. Being vague about school and friends too and avoid listing full names. In fact, a lot of my mom blogger friends have given their family members nick names...you can have a lot of fun with this!

3. Set up their blog so you, as their parent, are one of the admins on the blog too. That way you always have full access to their blog if needed (I say the same thing about Facebook accounts as well).

4. Don't post anything you would regret. Especially anything you wouldn't want your mom, grandma, teacher or heaven forbid a predator. My mom always said, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." I've taken it a step further, "don't say anything online about someone that you wouldn't say to them offline...to their face."

5. Ask to view your teen's profile page and offer to give suggestions on what's appropriate to list.

6. Don't believe everything you teen writes on their blog. Remember they are a generation of "anonymous sharers." They share everything and think no one is reading, but they secretly hope someone is reading (besides their parents).

7.  If you like to blog, like I do. Offer to share tips and favorite widgets with your teen. You never know you might teach each other cool techniques and tools and become a dynamic-blogging duo, making lots of money too (well, I'm a dreamer).

8. Don't STRESS...it's much easier to keep your kids safe online. And remember YOU are the parent and you can set the rules, but helping keep your kids safe online requires you to be actively involved in monitoring what they are DOING on the computer.

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My Monday Mismatched Shoes

Best part of Monday's is they always end and Tuesday is just around the corner. 

But you know, some Monday's are just like this. No matter how much you think you have it all together, you later find out that you didn't. If fact, the Monday this happened to me I had a meeting with some really cool people that morning and had NO idea my shoes didn't match. They were the same style and felt the same and obviously I don't ever look down. 

It wasn't until a meeting a little later with a friend that she pointed out my mistake. I was beyond embarrassed. She was so nice and told me that it made me seem "more artistic." Whatever!

I just hoped and prayed that the people I met with earlier that day also didn't look down and notice my shoes. And they didn't...yeah. But then they admitted that the receptionist did notice and mentioned something about it. Let's hope she too thought I was being artistic. 

So the moral of the story...first, check your shoes to make sure they match before you leave for the day and two, it's okay to keep your head UP and not worry too much about what lies below!

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New Northridge Videos

I just realized I never posted the latest videos I did with the fabulous Kristine McKay for Northridge Publishing recently. The first segment was a challenge they like to do called "Make it Your Own". It's where Kristine sends you a project image and the designer (me) is suppose to use it as inspiration for a new project. There no other rules associated with this. 

So that's how we got from a paper rolled flower on a 12x12 layout to t-shirt scarves. Kristine then asked that I show how Imaginisce's Roly Rosies worked too since those are rolled flowers as well. It's a funny segment...in fact, so funny Kristine's pauses for a moment to call me a "smart alec!" 

Make it Your Own Feature for Scrapbook Trends Magazine

d-stress tool Feature for Northridge CreaTv
If you've been looking for a simple tool to help distress and finish the edges off on all those chipboard projects, then you'll want to learn more about Imaginisce's new d-stress tool.

Thanks for checking them out. If you'd like to see other videos I've been in, check out my As Seen on TV | YouTube Tab above.
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Sabbath Day Sharing & Yes, Boys Blog too!

My husband informed me that I shouldn't blog on Sunday unless it was inspirational. That left me a little perplexed because I didn't have anything spiritual to share (plus I don't necessarily agree with him).

That was until I remembered a brief conversation I had yesterday with a cute young man named Justin. He was one of our hosts for a bloggers meet-up I went to yesterday and also the enthusiasum behind the cutest vintage candy store in Utah County called Blickenstaffs.

Anyway, back the inspirational portion of this post. 

I learned from talking to Justin that he too was a blogger...not must for Blickenstaffs but personally. See, I knew boys blog too!

When I asked what he blogged about, he hesitated for a brief moment and said, "well it's sort of religious." He blog is called Liken365 and it took me the better part of the day to figure out what the name meant. But then I got it!

His blogs primary focus was on trying to find comparisons to his daily life to what he finds in the scriptures. He said he started this to help him as he was studying the scriptures more. He says on his blog, "I want to end each day knowing that somehow my life was connected to the scriptures." 

I loved the idea behind it and had to go find his blog when I got home. So I thought I'd share this with all of you on my Sabbath afternoon of blogging.
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