IBP: Recycled Containers

Learn how simple it can be to make cool, creative and practical items out of recycled milk jugs, cartons, wet wipes containers and even cereal boxes. I have packed this episode full of great ideas she found pinned on Pinterest.

WATCH MY Recycled Containers 

Learn how to create these fun cereal box notepads.
My secret weapon for making these notepads is DAP Clear Caulk (Walmart $4) 
Make a fun snack pack from a gallon milk jug.
See how simple it is to create a coin purse out of a carton.
You will NEVER guess what's in here!??
One of my favorite projects from Beckie Farrant/Infarrantly Creative
 Here's the links to the blogs referenced in this episode:
Blog Credit: Epbot.com
Blog Credit: Home-Designing.com
Blog/Site Credit: Carton Wallet
Blog/Site Credit: Family Fun
Blog Credit: Infarrantly Creative
Blog Credit: Infarrantly Creative
Be sure to join me next week me next week when I show you how fun it is to create frames from molding. 

Disclaimer: Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration but not all pins lead to blogs. I tried to only pick those ideas that I could find the original creator and give credit to. Please take a moment and check out these great blogs because without them I wouldn't have content to talk about on the new My Craft Channel show Inspired by Pinterest.  If you've never been to Pinterest and would like to check it out, you need an invite to the site to gain access (I don't know why). Just leave me a comment with your email and I'll send you an invite. However, I cannot be responsible for the time you will be spending on Pinterest!!


Connie's Place said...

Hi Lori,
Love your show :) I just tried making a t-shirt necklace/scarf. I followed how you did it, but when i pulled the material it just stretched not curled. I looked & the shirt is 100% cotton. Does the shirt need to have some poly in it to curl? Just wonderin what went wrong???
Thank you
Connie B

Michelle Varol said...

Hi Lori,
In the recycled containers episode you used some clamps to hold the pages together that were slim. What brand are they as when I searched for clamps they all seem wider?
Also, with the notebooks is there a top/side on them (depending on the orientation). On the original post you referenced it looked like she cut extra space after the fold in the cereal box. Or is the silicone caulk exposed?

allreddesign said...

Connie - I assumed what I cut up were 100% cotton. They were old t-shirts of my husbands and mine. The tick with the curl is to really pull them, but not break them. I will double check on the poly, but it should work with regular old t-shirts. I also bought some jersey knit fabric at the fabric store and that curled great too!

allreddesign said...

I picked up a small back of those clamps at our local dollar store...they're super cheap quality and if I could find more I'd buy 3 more bags. I did find a bag of assorted sizes at Home Depot that would work just as well. The silicone caulk is right along the top edge and over the front and back...it will dry clear so it's okay if it's exposed.

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