Creative Spaces Volume 2 - Behind the Scenes

Okay, just a reminder that the new Creative Spaces Volume 2 is going to be available January 8th. Stop by any Barnes & Noble or go online to order.

As you might recall, I announced that my craft space would be one of the creative spaces featured in the new Creative Spaces Idea Book Volume 2. But have you ever wondered about the "behind the scenes" on how this amazing book comes together.

Check out this fun Studio 5 segment where Megan Hoeppner explains how they pull this fun publication together:

Now here is a little behind the scenes from me. But if you're one that likes to enjoy the final product and likes to be oblivious to the magic of how it's made, then do not read on.

First off, when I was asked to be part of this fun project by Megan with the first issue, I had to giggle....

You see at the time I was using the back end of my Family Room. When we bought our house about five years previous my husband assured me that he would finish the basement and I would have my dream Craft Room. As you can see from this photo, I was still waiting for that to happen....

There is a computer in the mess and yes, I  would have to crawl over piles to get into my corner and then hope my crafty mess didn't spill over into the rest of the family room. Oh and I laughed a bunch when Megan contacted me. I told her to try again later when my room was really finished. That was all the inspiration I needed. I took charge and finally pull together my wonderful craft space.

Here's another "Behind the Scenes" reveal. In order to make sure my spaces wasn't over run with my normal boxes and bags of clutter that I never seem to find time to put away I moved the "extra" stuff to my bedroom (foot of my bed to be exact). Yes, it's in the way and yes, it's still there. I will eventually find where it all goes and put it away.

I just wanted to remind you, sometimes things look better in pictures (not the ones above). And even better when published in an idea book. So be sure to get your copy of the new Creative Spaces, Volume 2 idea book available January 8, 2013.

Happy New Years everyone!!


StacyC said…
You make me smile!! You craft like I do - a little chaos helps with the creativity :)
Summer Rumsey said…
I so need to organize my space. I have piles everywhere as well. I will have to check out the magazine!
Kristina said…
I had no idea about creative space! Glad I saw this, I'm in the process of revamping my craft room that has been turned into a storage room.
Tausha said…
Umm. Did you get the message that hoarders called?
Material Girls said…
OMG!! If you could see my space(s) it would for sure be a HOARDERS gone wild!! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the magazine! Congratulations!!
Andrea West said…
I cannot wait to get it, I plan on driving to Cruces to get my copy, I've been dying to see it since you made the announcement :)
Kris said…
Love the foot of your bed!

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