Easter Peep Wreath Tutorial

Making an Easter Peep Wreath has been at the TOP of my to do craft list since I first saw them popping up on Pinterest. First of all, you get to eat the leftovers and who wouldn't love a sugar glitter wreath full of those colorful, yummy peeps. 
SUPPLIES NEEDED: Straw Wreath, Paper Grass, Toothpicks, Peeps (Carrots from Dollar Store optional). Note, I bought two packages of each color and it only took one package. But that also depends on the size of your straw wreath (mine was a 10"). You'll also need to open up the peeps and let them sit for a few days to a week so they get a little stale before you can assemble your wreath (fresh ones are too soft).  
STEP 1: I've seen lots of these wreaths where they wrap the wreath with ribbon or leave it in it's original "straw" version. I didn't like either option so I picked up a bag of paper grass from the dollar store and started applying it to the wreath. I started with Mod Podge which worked great, but I'm impatient and quickly pulled out my glue gun.
STEP 2: After you get all the grass to adhere to the wreath you'll want and need to give it a bit of a trim so you don't have stray pieces hanging off your wreath and looking sloppy. 
This is what it looks like when you're done and this step should only take about 10 minutes! 
STEP 3: Start putting your peeps on the wreath by poking your tooth picks in the bottom of your peep and then piercing the other end into your wreath. Some people like putting the tooth picks on the wreath first and then adding the peeps, but I found I couldn't place the peeps as well that way. Experiment until you find a way that works best for you. But I didn't glue or anything, just used tooth picks and every thing stayed stuck. (Note: My family has every intention of eating these after the holiday.)
It didn't take too long to complete the wreath and I was so excited how well it was turning out. Oh, I noticed about half way through that I forgot the "peach" peeps, so I moved a few around and started incorporating them into the wreath...see the finished version above! 
STEP 4: Wrap a piece of tulle around the wreath and tie in a knot and hang. If you plan on storing the wreath until the next year I would probably spray it with a clear varnish coat. However, I have not idea how it will store after a year so I cannot be held responsible for it when you unbox it. But let me know, I'm curious.  

I know it's close to Easter but I was so excited about many of my projects that I couldn't resist blogging about those as well. Be sure to check out how to create the String Art Easter Eggs.

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Shannon said...

Love it...so colorful and bright. Love the idea of the grass instead of ribbon too

Tausha said...

I love this wreath! So cute and so cheap! Great project that kids could help do why they are out of school and driving mom's crazy because all they do is fight and yell at each other...not that I know any of this from experience..

Andrea and Chuck said...

Turned out cute! I want to try one with peep bunnies

Kim said...

It's so stinkin' cute! Someone should make wooden peeps or styrofoam ones for us, don't you think? They are so adorable. Thank you for the inspiration. I always love your ideas. You make me want to craft. Take care, and Happy Easter! :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha several years ago I filled a vase with peeps and easter grass. It was so stinking cute, and my family just like yours had been watching those peeps. And once Easter was over the peeps began to disapear!!! I think they liked them better "crunchy" than soft. Thought my family was the only weird ones in the group.


Cathy said...

Loved it! I can see doing this tomorrow with our 4 year old grandson. The challenge will be the number eaten before on the wreath!

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