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Have you ever wanted to "decorate your dishes" or personalize a mug or a plate, but you weren't sure how to go about doing it? Well join me today on My Craft Channel as I teach you how customize mugs and plates from the thrift store using a Sharpie Marker and your oven. And they're permanent if done the right way! You will have tons of fun creating gifts for family and neighbors with this fun new technique.

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Combine a thrift store plate or cup and a Sharpie Marker along
with your oven to create these fun decorative dishes. 
 Using vinyl, create a stencil and use your sharpies to trace the shape.
 Best method to fill in your letter is to go back and forth and move upward on the design. Do not go back over the area you've already colored if you want a solid colored in area.
Peal off the vinyl to reveal your fun number.

View Question: Are the dishes "Food Safe" if we're coloring on the eating area with a Sharpie? From what I found on the pins featured they felt because we baked the ink into the plate that it was safe. However, to err on the side of safe eating, I would coat the surface with Acrylic Lacquer Glass Spray
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Melinda Spinks said…
Another fabulous assignment. I'm going to have to try this one. :)
Oh Kissa said…
Thanks for sharing. Very cute, gotta try this with my kids.


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