Amazing Washi Tape Storage Ideas

Okay many of you may know if you follow me that I have a wee bit of an obsession with Washi Tape. Well I currently store my washi tape in three large jars but I have to admit I find it hard to locate my desired washi tape as easily this way. So I went in search of other Washi Tape Storage Ideas. I hope you find something that inspires you and be sure to check them all out because the last one is the one that I'm the most excited to copy!! 

No Biggie shared this and I have been trying to decide if I could pull this off. 

I have some of these antique spools in my basement somewhere! I love how this crafty girl over at Triple the Scraps and how she used them to organize by color, but even more I loved how she labeled them.

Love this grate cover turn washi tape organizer...trying to figure
out if I can make this myself. You should check out the pictures and
discovery of this great piece over on Crab and Fish blog.

Coffee Mug Holder by Delightfully Noted. This of course would never work for my 150+ rolls of washi tape, however it might be a great solution when I'm working on a specific project.

How could this photo not make you happy? I loved that these shelves not only held the washi tape, but provided a way to pull and tear without removing the roll of tape. This was featured on Going Grey Blog, but she purchased these awesome shelves from Stamps N Storage website

I saw a couple of hanger ideas and although this would NEVER work for me, I thought it was great idea for someone starting out. Check it out on Make: Craft website.

How about a utinsel organizer for your kitchen for your Washi Tape? This idea was worth sharing from Cute Tape's site

Crafting in the Rain
did a super clever idea using a shutter. I adore upcycling this gem and
especially love that she could label where they went. Wouldn't a BIG
shutter closet door on a wall be so AWESOME. My mind is spinning now!!  

How about vintage soda crates to add a bit of character to your craft space. I would highly recommend checking out the blog post on Lovely Little Life as she used this at a craft boutique where she was selling some super cute stuff.

Ding, ding, ding...

......this idea is the one that won over my heart. My brilliant friend Melinda
from Australia did this for her Washi tape and It makes me super happy.
And the best part is it ROTATES!!

Now all my Washi Tape won't fit on this, but pretty close. She has 65 rolls on here with space for a few more! Be sure to visit Melinda's blog The Scrap Farm...she's an amazing artist with paper. She didn't blog about this amazing idea, but she sent me the pictures to share with my readers!