2016 Primary Printables: I Know the Scriptures are True

I was so excited about the 2016 Primary Theme, "I know the Scriptures are True." I started playing in illustrator with some fonts...but the one thing missing was the "perfect" image representing the "scriptures"...so I did what any designer does, I googled scripture images and some good and bad ones came up. But one particularly drew my eye because I recognized it as one my friend, Allison Kimball had created and posted on her blog. So I contacted her to ask her permission to use the image on my printables. She agreed to let me "share" this for a FREE download. Be sure to check out her BLOG HERE, she's a wonderful writer and does amazing artwork and doodles. 
So I worked up our new Binder Covers for our Primary Presidency...next thing I thought I'd create something for our Teacher's Binders and that led to the last part, Door Signs. And I'm so excited to share these with whomever would like to download and print them for their primary!  

UPDATE: After many requests I have included both JPG and PDF versions of these files. There is also a BLANK one for each set of files so you can "create your own" version, title or name if needed. The fonts I used are DEMING EP for the names of the class or presidency member. Sweet Peony is the scripty font. 

Download Generic Versions from Drop Box here:

Primary Presidency Binder Covers
Classes Binder Covers
2016 Theme Door Signs

While I was working on these I listened to the Face to Face with The Piano Guys video. It was wonderful and I cannot resist sharing with you each of you that stop by. Check it out here.

Thank you for stopping by!!