MMS FREE Christmas (photo) Tags

The other day My Memories Suite posted a free download for these Christmas Photo Tags. I thought they were a blast adding in photos of friends and family instead of writing them out. But I also printed a few blank sheets to use when I'm wrapping presents (I always run out of tags). But then I started playing around in the software and decided to make my mom a cute little mini-tag album out of the template. Scroll down and check it out. 
Design Note: One of my favorite features of the software is the ability to "color match" to the background. All you do is select the "PICKER" option and find the color on the template page you want and you can make your titles, text and photo mattes all match perfectly.

Design Note: So all you need to do to create a mini tag album is delete the tags that you do not want to use and then resize those that you do. I then copy and pasted duplicates of the tags so I'd have enough for my message and extra photo. I'm going to cut this out and assemble it later this afternoon. I'll post a photograph of how it turned out. Now my mom, may only keep it for a little while, but I'm okay with that...it didn't take me that much time after all. 

Click-Page Freebie (and a secret)!

So yesterday I told you all to go check out the latest Freebie at the Ettes & Company website. Well, today you get a "click-page" all you need to do is drop in your photograph and you're done!! But you want to know a SECRET?? The Ettes told me that they wanted to give everyone one last Christmas present, so they are relisting their 12-days worth of freebies on the 24th!! So if you missed any of them, go back and download them all. We love you guys...thanks Ettes!


Freebies at Ettes & Company

People...if you want to start digi scrapbooking then start looking for freebies. After you've started to build up a collection you'll be ready to go (or you could simply purchase what you need). But you HAVE to go check out my friends new website...The Ettes & Company. The very talented Fayette and Annette are having freebies all week. And if this darling image doesn't make you want to give it a try then I don't know what will.


My Memories Suite by Polaroid Video

Some of my friends have been asking me about this new software that I've been using to create some of my digital layouts in and photo books. Most of you know I'm a pretty "okay" graphic person and love photoshop, but sometimes it takes too much BRAIN power to figure it out.

This new software from My Memories Suite is the bomb! It's easy enough that my 11 year old daughter loves to play with it, but not too simple I can't create in it the way I want. I love that they're templates make it so easy and fast. And I'm working on three albums that I'm going to have printed in a hard bound photo book. Seriously, if you've wanted to scrapbook and haven't dared then I would recommend this software. You can get 30% right now too, if you put in the code DESIGNMOM.

Check out this short infommercial when you have a minute!! **UPDATE: I had the video on the blog, but got annoyed that it automatically played every time I came to my blog. So I've taken it off and put a link. Please take a moment to check it out!!**

To Visit My Memories Suite VIDEO LINK


Ettes & Company

I couldn't wait to tell my friends about the launch of a new website. Ettes & Company just opened shop this weekend and my very, very, vErY talented friends Fayette and Annette (aka the Ettes) have started a digi website. Which makes me so happy that I can still get my hands on their yummy designs. Go by and get your freebie each day this week! 

So of course I had to download all their designs (Merry Christmas to me) and start playing and these are a couple of layouts I created with their wonderful designs.
Credits: Family Collection by Annette Ward

Credits: A Thankful Heart Collection by Fayette Terlouw


More Digital Layouts

I'm just playing around with My Memories Suite software and created this layout. I know it's simple, but I figured I'd at least share. Plus he hates it when I put him up on my blog. I think the one of Emma turned out darling too...took me all of 5 minutes to create from one of their templates...so cool for those people I know that don't want or care to learn photoshop.


Photo Cards

My mom had a full knee replacement about 3 weeks ago and was recovering fabulously. She was off her pain meds and walking with a bit of a hobble, but without crutches. But then a week ago she woke up and could not put her weight on her "good" knee at all and was in unbearable pain. So after trying to figure out what to do with the help of my 86 year old grandmother...they called 911. Come to find out after a day in the ER and another emergency surgery, she had a staff infection in her good leg that they had to drained. She ended up in the hospital for three more days and now is on IV antibiotics for the next 4 weeks. 

Anyway, this is the long way to my story...my mom was feeling a little blue after getting out of the hospital so I made these "pick-me-up" cards for her. And NO she doesn't read my blog. I've loved the photo of my nephew since I took it and couldn't resist making him into a card...by the way, he's not saying "rock-on" or "I love you" he's doing the SPIDERMAN fling your spiderweb action...with a grin!

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