The Bead Farm - Great Place to "Bead" for Girls Night Out

Ever wonder what to do on a Friday night? Grab a few of our girl friends and head to a darling shopping spot in Salt Lake City called Gardner Village. It's a unique village of boutique style shops that range from Sassy Babies, baby couture style products to ready-made quilts at The Village Quilt Shop or quilting supplies at Pine Needles. Of course it's one of the best locations to find unique and great home decor items in the valley at Down to Earth or Country Furniture.  

But what I love best about Gardner Village is a cute little bead shop called "The Bead Farm". We happened upon it one weekend after having dinner at the delicious Archibald's Restaurant there at the village. We learned that the cute owner Callie, offered free beading classes if you schedule "table time" and purchase your supplies at her shop. So we planned another weekend there and it's one of my favorite things to do with my friends. 

One of our favorite things to create when we go is to create yummy bead "clusters" that we can swap out on a necklace and I've made a few. Here's some we made this visit: 

Check out how cute The Bead Farm shop looks....for someone like me, the colors in all the mason jars makes this a happy place to hang out. 

You would think that you'd get into trouble beading in a shop...but in the two hours we're there the supplies to make the clusters typically runs us about $7.00 a cluster or less. Last time we even tried making our own "wire wrapped rings" and boy did those turn out cute!! 

My friend Jen and Bead Farm owner, Callie
Remember, The Bead Farm is a "great place to bead" for a Girls Night Out!! 
So call Callie at 801-938-1995 to reserve your "table time". 
Be sure to let her know you read about her cute shop from my blog!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Since I planned on blogging about The Bead Farm when we were there last Friday, I quickly made a cute beaded bookmark to giveaway to one of my readers. Just leave a comment and I'll select a winner by Sunday evening. Thanks for stopping by! 

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Stephanie Ackerman said...

I think I would be over stimulated and have a heart attack with all of those beads!!!!!

Court said...

I LOVE bead shops! I did it for a couple friends for their birthday parties - necklace making! It was a huge hit! :) Loving the bead clusters and loving that bookmark!

Queen Mary said...

Oh my gosh! It looks like a candy shop! Beads in a shop, party, my kind of store! Let's get this bead party started! And I Love, Love, Love your bead clusters!

AdriansCrazyLife said...

That sounds like fun. I was thinking about taking a class at the Bead Fairy, but I couldn't find an up to date class schedule anywhere on their site. This sounds better & more affordable. Maybe we can do a party with the Utah Bloggers group.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

What fun. I love to add beads in my wallhangings, but I would take forever to decide what to use in your store!

Unknown said...

Now this place looks dangerous for my pocketbook. Love what you made!

Robyn Schaub said...

Wow, that place looks great! I love those bead clusters and have been trying to figure out how to make some.

Unknown said...

That place looks awesome - although I'm pretty sure that I'd feel overwhelmed and not even sure where to start!!! Love your little clusters of beads - those are so pretty!

Sophia said...

Looks like a great place...love your bookmark.

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