Vinyl Dotted Mixer + Giveaway

As you know I'm a huge fan of Pinterest... I especially love that through this great tool I can be led back to some amazing blogs full of fun inspiration and tutorials! This Vinyl Dotted Mixer project below was started because a friend asked me to cute the words from vinyl for her mixer. I of course, jumped at the chance to help her out...because I can cut 2 and decorate my mixer too. By the way, my husband thought I did this because I was bored! 

So what inspired me to do this... TWO different pins I had been saving. 

Darling polka dotted mixer from

Subway art on mixer from

And from those two inspiring ideas I created this fun version of my otherwise boring white mixer. By the way, I think it took about 150 half inch dots to cover my mixer. 

If you are inspired and like the idea, I'd love it if you'd...hopefully I'll inspire one person out there. 

I thought it would be fun to giveaway the same vinyl cutouts I used if you'd like to decorate your mixer. I'll even let you pick the color!! To enter, simply  PIN one of my Mixer Images to Pinterest then leave a comment you did. Don't have a Pinterest account, then simply share a link to my blog with a friend or subscribe to updates. I'll announce a winner on Monday, May 14th.

Thanks for stopping by!!