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IBP Writing on Dishes with Sharpies

Have you ever wanted to "decorate your dishes" or personalize a mug or a plate, but you weren't sure how to go about doing it? Well join me today on My Craft Channel as I teach you how customize mugs and plates from the thrift store using a Sharpie Marker and your oven. And they're permanent if done the right way! You will have tons of fun creating gifts for family and neighbors with this fun new technique.

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Combine a thrift store plate or cup and a Sharpie Marker along
with your oven to create these fun decorative dishes.  Using vinyl, create a stencil and use your sharpies to trace the shape. Best method to fill in your letter is to go back and forth and move upward on the design. Do not go back over the area you've already colored if you want a solid colored in area. Peal off the vinyl to reveal your fun number.
View Question:Are the dishes "Food Safe" if we're coloring on the eating area …

Easter Peep Wreath Tutorial

Making an Easter Peep Wreath has been at the TOP of my to do craft list since I first saw them popping up on Pinterest. First of all, you get to eat the leftovers and who wouldn't love a sugar glitter wreath full of those colorful, yummy peeps. 
SUPPLIES NEEDED: Straw Wreath, Paper Grass, Toothpicks, Peeps (Carrots from Dollar Store optional). Note, I bought two packages of each color and it only took one package. But that also depends on the size of your straw wreath (mine was a 10"). You'll also need to open up the peeps and let them sit for a few days to a week so they get a little stale before you can assemble your wreath (fresh ones are too soft).   STEP 1: I've seen lots of these wreaths where they wrap the wreath with ribbon or leave it in it's original "straw" version. I didn't like either option so I picked up a bag of paper grass from the dollar store and started applying it to the wreath. I started with Mod Podge which worked great…

IBP Book Page Wreaths

Join me today on My Craft Channel as I share some tips and tricks for creating Book Page Wreaths. I will walk you through what types of base to use and even creative ideas on glittered and decorative edges for your wreath. You'll love the inspiring pins I'll share in this episode and hopefully inspire you to start crafting your own "Door Decor" with old book pages soon.
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21 Years of Marriage - Still Hard Some Days

Today I have been married to my honey for 21 years... yep, TWENTY-ONE years. I remember thinking at two years of marriage that it felt like we'd been together lifetime and yet felt like only yesterday when we were married at the same time. 

But today, I tried to reflect on how I felt... but it just feels.... well....
              ..... part of my routine. I know, there's nothing magical to report. I don't hear love songs playing in the background and I don't feel comfortable posting about that we're anything less then average.

Do I feel like it's Happily Every After?
Nope... not really there yet (ask me in 20 more years). Do I feel like I'm more "in love with him today then I was yesterday?" Not really because he came home, yelled at a kid or two and then farted reminding me that the magic of marriage is LONG gone.

You would think with 21 years of marriage would mean that I am better at "being married," then say someone with on…

IBP Mercury Glass Tutorial

I hope you all saw earlier this week about a wonderful Charity Fundraiser I'm involved in with Ivory Homes' help. All it takes is a minute of your time to REPIN an image or simply LIKE that same cupcake photo on Instagram. Your LIKE/Repin = $1 to Chloe's Sunshine Playground.  I believe every child should get to enjoy a day at the park whether they are in a wheelchair or not. This cause is near and dear to my heart. Please read more on my blog post from earlier this week. And look for my cupcake photo on Pinterest or Instagram under @allreddesign

Now let's talk about the latest Inspired by Pinterest Episode...
Ever wondered what "Mercury Glass" was or "how to create it". In today's episode I share tips and tricks for working with Mirror Spray paint to create your own antiqued looking glass pieces for your home. And be sure to check out how she used the mirror spray paint in a different way on a picture frame.