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Cricut Imagine Launch Party at CHA (rockin it out!!)

I received an invite from Provo Craft to the Cricut Imagine launch party tonight and boy was it a blast!! I've never attended one of their parties, but I've heard about them and can I tell you those Provo Craft kids really know how to throw a fun party. 
First lets talk about the very cool new Cricut Imagine machine. They've partnered with HP to create a machine that will print and cut. It's pretty cool and I can see some great potential with it. I believe it's do out in October. Of course it only prints and cuts out what's on the cartridges you purchase for it, so you're limited. But give Provo Craft time, they'll have a TON of carts to pick for this machine. Personally I'd love to see them partner up with Imaginsice and offer some of those classic icon characters on a cartridge...but that's purely selfish (wink). 
“Cricut Imagine is not only unique to the crafting industry, but to the world of technology. There is not another device that incorpo…

Business Travel for Mom vs Matt

I've traveled a ton for business over the years and just today headed out to a trade convention in Chicago, Illinois for the next five days.

This reminded me of a argument I would have every trip with a coworker named Matt. I would argue with him that it was so much easier for HIM (aka Matt) to travel then it was for ME (aka mom) to travel! Here's how my argument typically went!

Now Matt only had to pack his own bag.  Of course with the laundered clothing his wife had gotten ready for him. Now for me, I had to do all the laundry...not just mine, but my entire family's laundry. I'm not even sure Matt had to pack his own bag, but as a mom I had to pack my bag and also make sure that my husbands uniforms were clean and outfits were set out for my kids for school (this was when the kids were younger of course). If not, my kids would convince their dad that shorts were perfectly fine in January.

As for food, Matt only needed to make sure he had his company credit card in hi…

Pioneer Sacrifice and Personal Suffering

I have mentioned the following story to a few friends that have asked me to send them a copy and I thought I would share it with more of you by posting it on my blog. The story below was written by a dear friend of ours. He shared it with us for the first time when he was asked to speak in church while we were visiting his family in Canada. Still to this day it brings tears to my eyes. I know it's a long post, but if you have the time it's worth reading. Happy Pioneer Day to all our friends & family!! 
"We’ve heard much about the Mormon pioneers of 1847 and their trek across the plains and entrance into the Salt Lake Valley.  Not surprisingly, as the pioneer theme is presented, each goes back in memory to his or her own family line.  There are usually examples to identify and which fit the definition of a pioneer: “one who goes before, showing others the way to follow.”  Some, if not all, made great sacrifices to leave behind comfort and ease and respond to that clario…

Favorite Finds that will Make You Laugh!

I've been super busy at work the past week (or two or three) so this will be short and sweet! And there's a bit of a funny and/or mocking theme with today's blog post. Hope something makes you laugh!! 
Funny Disguise Kit Download Found this on cool website called Design House Digital. This is a free PDF download, just click on the image on this link and you can save and/or print. This made me giggle and giggle and I think we'll actually cut these out and post some pictures on here later. I'd love to know if you post pictures using this fun download too!
Hamm & Potatoes Cake Pops
Bakerella does it again...she posted this rather funny blog post on how she made these darling Toy Story inspired cake pops! I even loved that she called the post "Ham & Potatoes"!!

Handmade Gone Wrong Blog Had to share this funny link a friend sent me a while back. Although the blog isn't updated too often, it's worth a chuckle! My favorite part is the fact that she put…

The Winner is....

Thanks everyone for the love on my blog yesterday. I'm excited to announce the winner of the Cricut Solutions Cartridge - Home Decor!!

Thanks again ladies!! I'll keep posting more inspiration and giveaways! And thanks for your support of the Imaginisce Blog too!!

Apple Cider Cards Featured at Imaginisce & Cricut Giveaway

GIVEAWAY today.....because I'm so excited that my card projects are being featured on the Imaginisce Blog tomorrow. So to celebrate I thought I'd giveaway one of my favorite Cricut Solutions Cartridge - Home Decor!!
Here's a peek of the projects that were featured on the Imaginisce Blog using the new Apple Cider collection. If you'd like to win a goodie box of this collection, be sure to go over to the Imaginisce Blog and leave a comment.  They're giving away goodie boxes every day this week!

Of course, I created the darling birds, titles and scallop borders with my Cricut (Wall Decor & More Cartridge).

Favorite Finds: Cards, Apple Brownies & More

Here's some great finds for this week, I hope you enjoy them. Be sure to follow my blog I hope to offer some great giveaways soon. 
Fin-tastic Cards by Nichol Magouirk Oh how I wish I had the time to learn how to use Copic markers because I already own these fun Snag'em Stamps from Imaginisce. The amazing Nichol Magouirk created these lovely cards with the Splash Dance Snag'em Stamps and copic markers. Don't you just love the googly eyes? Be sure to follow Nichol's blog for more inspiring ideas. 

Apple Brownies Another great recipe from Gourmet Mom on the Go. They're yummy apple brownies, which I actually made for a family lunch today and received RAVE reviews on. I cooked mine in an 9x13 pan and not a pie pan, but they taste the same no matter the pan. The apples make the cake part very moist and my daughter gave it two thumbs up. Not sure why they're called "brownies" though...nothing brown about these. Everyone especially liked the sugar sprinkles …

My Confession that I really, really miss GLEE

My Tuesdays are just not the same since Glee ended for the season. I miss the anticipation of wondering what songs (good & bad) they will add their Glee spin to it. Songs like "Dancing with Myself," "Poker Face" and "Don't Stand So Close to Me" were great when sung by the original singers, but I loved them TONS more when I heard them sung on Glee. They never disappoint at all and it's worth watching (in my opinion). Tuesdays were the day I was so excited to sit down and dedicate my uninterrupted time to nothing is on and that makes my Tuesdays very sad.  Although I'm not spending that much on iTunes these days...every Tuesday cost me about $6-7 in downloads during the season (and yes, I own all the commuting music around)!! 
I had to share a cute video that the very handsome Puck (aka Mark Salling) created about working with the cast of Glee. He's singing in his car on the way to work and he's adorable. I&…