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Make Twilight Badges with your i-Top Tool

For all my peeps that love Twilight and own an i-top tool. here's a fun download for you today. Team Edward and Team Jacob badge/button copy. You can make a whole bunch for your friends and let them pick which team they're rooting for!!

Favorite "Twilight Inspired" Finds

How could I possibly resist posting about Twilight on this special day? You see for those of you have been dead or simply don't care, this is the day I get to go see Eclipse. It's the 3rd movie in the Twilight Saga. Of course having read the book all twice I already know what happens, but I have to say this is on of my favorite ones out of the entire series and I'm very thrilled for it. I was even more thrilled when I scored tickets for me, a friend, my daughter and her friend for a private premier showing at 6:00pm rather then having to go see it at midnight. Did you know here in Utah that we sell more tickets the first day/night then anywhere else?? Go figure?!!

Custom Twilight T-Shirts & More
I thought this was so clever. You can pick Jacob or Edward and then the CafePress site customizes your t-shirts, bags and etc with your NAME on them. Loved the idea, but didn't find it until just I won't be showing up wearing my new Jacob...I mean Edward shirt (w…

Blinging it On! i-rock bling on my Cricut Card Creations

I had so much fun playing with my Gypsy & Cricut this weekend. Oh and my yummy i-rock tool and bling from Imaginisce. Here's a couple of elegant cards, but you need to click on them to see the gorgeous detail on them.
The wreath and border were cut from the Cricut Holiday Cakes Cartridge. I couldn't pass blinging them up with my i-rock tool. I also used one of the Cuttlebug Embossing Folders (polka dots) to create the dotted pattern on the black core'dinations cardstock and then sanded off the tops of the dots and edges of the paper to reveal the white core of the paper. 
I believe the straight pin with the crystal at the end is from Maya Road and the ribbon from Creative Impressions (but I've had this for a while and it's not marked).
A lot of you have asked me more about the i-rock heat set gem setting tool from Imaginisce and I thought a short video from my friend Erin Bassett would explain it better.

Wait until I show you more of my vinyl ideas using  my G…

Interesting Things I Learned from the Men in My Life

I thought I'd share a couple of things I've learned recently from the men in my life. You might totally relate!?

Interesting "Man" Fact #1
Did you know that there are mathematical formulas that you can use to solve a rubix cube?? Here's a picture of the cube and my 15 year old's notes on how to solve what  I always thought was an unsolvable puzzle. In fact, the only way I thought you could solve these toys from my youth was to either remove the stickers and replace them in together OR pop the pieces out and put them back in the correct order. Go figure! My son has solved it quite a few times...but not after writing up his notes, watching some YouTube videos and reading some websites. And I thought he wouldn't be using his brain now that it's summer!
Interesting "Man" Fact #2
Appearance really DOES matter...but not in the way you think it would. What I'm talking about is the vehicle your man drives. Years ago I was driving my husband's ca…

Provo Craft Cricut: Vinyl Obsession!!

I was a bit intimidated at the idea of cutting my own vinyl with myCricut Expressions. But I received some sample vinyl and thought I'd give it a try. HOLY COW...I am hooked.

It's super easy to cut out vinyl...just like cutting cardstock on your Cricut. But then you simply peel away the excess vinyl. Cut apart your words or images and then use the transfer paper to pull it off and reapply it on your walls, frames, mirrors, jars, windows, etc. If you want to remove it and it's stuck, simply heat it up with your hair dryer and peel it off. Oh now I need to go buy me EVERY color and you better all watch're getting personalized gifts for your birthdays!! Check out a few things I made...I have more, but these are the ones that are photographed.

Acrylic Frame
"Unique" wordart is from the Wall Decor and More Cricut Cartridge. I then used my i-rock tool and clear rhinestones to add a little more unique bling to the acrylic frame.

Magical Frame
I used an old r…

Teresa's Gorgeous Rolled Fabric Flowers

Most of you that read my blog probably already know about the fabulous Teresa her! Love her creative talents too. Well the other day she was on Good Things Utah and I missed I went searching and found the segment on their website and thought I'd share it with you all here.

She's also posted some great step-by-step instructions on her blog for these flowers too (since they never zoom in close enough on the show to see up opinion at least). I hope you try making some of these yourself...I am hoping to find a little free time this week to give it a try.

Teaching at CK Scrap & Play Event

I am very excited to announce that I'll be teaching at Creating Keepsakes Scrap & Play event October 15th & 16th in Provo, Utah. They held this new event this spring and it was a huge hit! I'm thrilled to be part of this and teach all the great scrappers how to use the i-top and i-rock tools!! Oh and even more excited to be teaching along with Margie Romney-Aslett...we are going to have a ball! I'm even more thrilled that me and my cohorts will be staying to crop & party ALL NIGHT (and day) LONG too!! 
Registration for Scrap & Play opens this week (June 23rd to be exact) and personally I think it's a great deal for this event. You get to crop for 24 hours...there's free spa services, chocolate bar, classes and cropping!! LOVE IT!! Oh and it's only $125 (only $100 if you book a room at the Marriott Hotel). Here's a link to more information. Be sure to register soon...the awesome CK team is trying to keep this event small and more personal and …

I Hate Fathers Day

Yes I admit it, out loud and for all the world to read...I really do hate Fathers Day.

All the advertisements, television shows and people in general constantly talk about Fathers Day. All this day reminds me of, is the failing hope and unrealistic expectations I have always had for my father and me.

Church...oh how I dread going to church on Father Day. Everyone talks about their fathers and the wonderful relationships they have with their fathers. The happy memories they've shared and made with their fathers. Actually if this isn't ironic... last Fathers Day my entire family was asked to talk in church....about the "roles of fathers." It was both of my teenagers first experience speaking in public and they were SO mad at me. They were ticked because we didn't tell them NO when they asked if we'd all speak. Personally I thought if I had to do it, everyone should have to. And of all weekends to have me speak...and about FATHERS of all things! To have to stand…

Favorite Finds: Unique Fathers Day Gifts

My week is completely messed up so I decided to move things around a bit to better manage my time. So today you're getting my Favorite Finds post early...I tried to include as many unique Fathers Day gift ideas as I could round up!! And with Father's Day this weekend...I figured the more time I have you to try out any of these ideas the more you'd like me!! 
Retro Candy-Filled Soda Bottles The very talented Kristine McKay has a great post with some very unique Fathers Day gift ideas on her website. There's even a television segment from when she showed off these ideas. The best part about Kristine is that she also gives you free downloads for all her printables!! 
Manly Way to Hang Pictures Loved this creative idea that I saw over on Creative Home Arts Today's website. They actually are teaching how to make the cute canvas pictures wtih postcards but I liked the belts for the frames better. 

Ruffled Ribbon Tutorial  Okay so this has nothing to do with unique Father'…

Imaginisce's B-Day Bash Collection

You all know me, I love scrapbooking. But even more then the act of scrapbooking I LOVE collecting scrapbook products. In fact, I read somewhere about "collecting"...and I need to share that quote with you right now.

"One thing that I've noticed about purchasing anything in excess is that it becomes much more acceptable when it is something that you "collect". Basically, "collect" is a free pass to buy as much as you want of something and not get in trouble with your husband. So, I am hereby declaring myself a...collector scrapbook and paper crafting supplies!!!"

First I'm very excited to show you my first video here on my blog...of course I think I sound completely different when I play it back, but I've been told it's really scroll down to the bottom of this post to check it out! And I thought today instead of rambling on and on about nothing in particular I would show you one of my favorite new collections from Ima…

Favorite Finds & Flashbacks

The Zoo Crew Digi Kit The very creative Fayette Terlouw's from Ettes & Company created yet another DARLING collection now available in their online shop. How she has time to create so many great designs?? In fact, I think her son is leaving on his mission next support the girl and go buy lots of her cute kits!! When I get something created with this digi kit I will post it here. 

Wildly Cherry M&M's I haven't had time to cook up anything new in the food/recipe department...but I didn't want to leave you food-less on this post. That is why I'm featuring these yummy little chocolate sweets. They're the limited time Wildly Cherry M&Ms. I have to say, being a huge Dr. Pepper fan instantly made these taste a bit familiar and second, loved the RED package. Give them a try if you see them around...they're only here for a short time (sort of like the long lost carmel M&Ms...miss those!)

Vintage Pearl NecklaceI was so excited when I received th…